Unmarried and childless politicians, a growing trend?

…and is it more so on the Left than the Right?

So much of political debate/discussion is about the children. It’s also very common during political season to see flyers prospective candidates and their families. It occurred to me though some time back that Kamala Harris doesn’t have any of her own children, and so I was wondering when was the last time a US vice president was childless? I was able to find that there were actually 5 US presidents who were childless (2 of whom were sterile), the last one being in 1923.

I was curious about how much of a trend this is or is becoming? In NJ, Cory Booker has never been married (as far as I know) and doesn’t have children. Clearly it is a societal trend and I guess one could assume that it is the same case in Congress.

Curious on other’s thoughts?

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I think it’ll become even more common over time. Since many people are electing not to have children.

I’m 33, no kids, never married. I see myself getting married eventually but I’ve already decided I probably won’t have kids. Like most men my age who mostly date women in their 30s I’ll end up as a step dad most likely.

I think it is and it is sad to see.

Having children are our entire reason for existing IMO.

Too many people have been sidetracked with material security when we live in the most secure era mankind has ever known. What we need are more children and more of an emphasis on family in the public square. Two to four kids is ideal to stabilize population growth and trends. The boom and crash cycle isn’t healthy.

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It’s not financially possible for many people to have four kids.

I could certainly afford one kid. Maybe two. More than that? Their quality of life would be worse than I had at that point.

And I firmly believe that parents should be able to give their kids a life quality that at least matches what they had as a kid. Otherwise what’s the point?

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It was always my impression that members of Congress had generally bucked that trend, but maybe that’s changing as well?

No…having children is not “our entire reason for existing”.

That’s silly.

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You’re just jealous that you can’t have kids with AOC. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure it is. It is not financially convenient for many.

Childcare is a big deal. Sometimes extended family can overcome that obstacle.

With all due respect…you are full of ■■■■■

Nothing provides more comfort than children in the process of aging.

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Everyone who passed third grade knows what, “in my opinion” means. Don’t let the crows take off with your snacks. :wink:


Politicians come from the general population.

It’s not just finances. A lot of people just don’t want kids. And that’s completely understandable. That’s why I don’t have any now. In my 20s I was concerned about financial stability above everything else. A kid or kids would have thrown that into chaos.


More and more Presidents are no longer veterans.

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It is so sad to see children maligned. Even the idea of having children maligned.

I find this is done by dopes than cannot remember being impressionable and small children themselves.

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The wife and I are not having children either 38 here it’s passed me up and to be honest even though we make a good living I still don’t see it a smart decision financially.

We’re going to be a county of morons if all the brainy people quit having children and we just import our children like Schumer suggested.


I would think that really depends on the individual.

But like I said in my other post, I’ve already waited so long that it’s not likely I’ll ever have any of my own. Most of the women I date are around my age usually have a kid, possibly two already. And most of them don’t want any more for various reasons.

So I’ll most likely end up as a stepdad.

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You’re 38? Sweet, I’m no longer the youngest male here. :sunglasses:

I had my last son when I was 37. lol


That is your decision.

Think carefully and recall the joys of your own childhood and how meaningful it would be to create those for another.

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and thats a fine opinion that many citizens do not share.

everyone has to do what is right for themselves.


Nothing wrong with that at all.

All kids need solid role models…every day!

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I’ve never maligned children. Children are a blessing.

It’s just not always the correct choice for everyone to have them.

I can name off a ton of people I know personally who should have never had kids.

Mainly because they suck as parents and their kids have a worse quality of life because of it.

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