Unless Nancy Pelosi and democrats

I think that is the point of the OP.

Nothing in the stimulus should be non-covid related, ergo the stimulus gets skinner without them.


Lovely of Nancy to ■■■■ over guaranteed relief funds for those who really need help right now.

It was such a bad notion several posters automatically didn’t believe the OP. Course once they saw the proof Nancy did it, they flipped to well it’s true but it’s not enough.

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Nancy’s cronies being the unemployed and forgotten Americans hurt in Trump’s America and by his weak response to global pandemic. Nancy in the house past their bill. Mitch won’t even allow that bill to come to a debate. Too bad the senate too weak to pass their own.

…and yet she poops on them, just like the streets of her district and will not financially assist them. She places herself…first…just like she did going to the beauty shop. There’s a pattern of behavior here and it was broadcast quite clearly in her little ice cream stunt.


She passed her bill. It has been in the Senate collecting dust for over three months. Period. Talk to Mitch who has failed to produce one that he can pass to her. Nancy did her job. She did it fast. It’s the republicans who have failed. It’s easier to throw stones then look at the glass house you support.


Correct. Now pass the bill for the little people.


LOL. Now show me the bill Republicans worked together to pass.

I actually think the Dems should have passed this bill. Not because I like the bill but we seemed to forget how the system works.
House passed thier bill. We need the Senate Bill to pass to start a real negoiation. I’m not saying we should pass a final bill that looks like the bill from yesterday, but we should have passed it to force the Senate and house to start reconsiling the bills.

However, the OP is still wrong. Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the house. She didn’t have a vote yesterday.

It’s a weird standard where they hold the speaker of the house responsible for what the Senate does.


If you think the pre-COVID state budgets are better for Republican states, you’re going to be disappointed.

I’ve not studied it and you may be right but what I didn’t see, were those states expecting the residents of all the other states, being expected to bear their financial over runs…and that’s the point. Nancy does and has included that in the bill to assist citizens financially affected by COVID…which is beyond obnoxious.

Nancy is not going to pass a stimulus on Trump’s terms and make it look like Trump actually negotiated something for the American public. She would let the public go without, first. Anyway, she can still get her hair done so who care?

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Using Circular logic is dumb, that money came from somewhere, either it was borrowed through issuing bonds , or it was earmarked to pay for something (running the government). Once your pandemic party is over that money will need to be returned, so either your taxes will be increased, or a bunch of government programs will need to be stopped, or it might be a combination of the two.

Since the taxpayer (citizen) is on the hook for paying back this Government largess, just how deep are you willing to let them dig the hole before you say enough?

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The money can be created out of thin air and removed from the economy and placed back in the ether from whence it came once the economy isn’t on the verge of collapse anymore.

The biggest problem is runaway inflation and that hasn’t been a problem since the 70’s.

So if the Citizens of the US owes money to themselves to benefit themselves… what is the value of that debt?

If you don’t know anything about a subject, why do you post it as a fact?


Why do you keep wanting an answer to a rhetorical question? Don’t bother answering, I’m going to go have a conversation with a rock, I’ll get a more intelligent response.

Again. Nancy passed a bill helping Americans suffering. Please show me the bill the Republican led senate passed in the last few months.

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What I posted as a fact, were the facts and did not dispute the poster’s post. What Nancy is doing, is attempting to get herself bailed out and the states the poster mentioned are not. Now…dispute that…if I’m wrong?

Why did she include her own bail out in with that? Why not make it two separate bills and get the money to those presently in need due to COVID?

Deflect all you want. A bill was passed. The Senate Republicans did not bring to the floor to negotiate. That is on the Republicans.