Unless Nancy Pelosi and democrats

Gets hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of more billions dollars for her cronies then no one gets any money.

That’s the new democrat way. People suffering to make ends meet and Nancy and democrats are looking to line their democrat donors pockets so they can fill her freezer with expensive ice cream.


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… where that sort of behaviour is stopped dead in its tracks.

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You have links/info to back that up right?

It’s true. They won’t pass a skinny stimulus.

Thank goodness the GOP is above all that.

Unless democrats get their cut worth billions and billions of dollars…then no one gets any help.

That’s the democrat way…


People are suffering to make ends meet–suffering more than they were at the beginning of the summer, and the GOP proposed a plan that’s stingier than the first one.

It’s going to be hard to sell a bill with less relief as missed opportunity, while painting the more generous House bill as evil extortion. This country has 99% literacy, so at least 325 million people understand that $1200 stimulus checks are bigger than $0 stimulus checks, and $600 a week is bigger than $300.


Who exactly is paying for all this stimulus? (rhetorical question). Might I suggest you be more careful with how you spend other people’s money?


What is the value of a debt that we owe to ourselves?

I like to think of it as people who have stimulus are less likely to try to take it from me. You know, since we’re for law and order and against crime and all. Besides, pretty sure Jesus didn’t say anything about letting people starve if they can’t work. What a huge liberal that guy was.


What was the Republicans “help” for working people?

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Bootstraps. Thoughts and prayers. Pick your poison.

Old people should just be willing to die for the good of the economy while they’re at it.


Why not the Democrat’s more generous help for those suffering? What was the stingy Republican plan?

Wait, you don’t think they were actually trying to pass that, do you? :laughing:

Let’s see. The last bailout bill was administered by DOT with Mnuchin giving billions to his buddies.
And now we have the OP flinging stuff at the wall to see what sticks. Which is pretty dumb since the next bailout bill will not have what the OP claims. But hey, Trump keeps saying these falsehoods which his base eats up. Why stop now.

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Only you can answer that, but keep in mind, someone has to pay the fiddler at the end of the dance.

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Dems have mismanaged their budgets on both local and state wide levels and now expect all of America to bail them out. Kiss my ass. Raise the necessary taxes on those that rec’d the benefits or cut them?

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If it is a debt that the American people owes to the American people, then what is the value of that debt?

The idea this is a Democrat alone issue is false. Just because Trump said something false months ago doesn’t make it true today.


Are they requiring to be bailed out before they’ll pass the budget? Also, the article is referring to the financial effects of the corona virus, not the mismanagement of budgets prior to the pandemic. Notice how that sheople trough spun that?