United States seizes a North Korean bulk freighter, is pursuing condemnation proceedings in the S.D.N.Y


The vessel’s name “Wise Honest” is rather amusing, given that its actions were not wise and definitely not honest. :smile:

According to vesseltracker.com, as of today, it’s AIS tracker has been off for 643 days, since August 2017, which is the first clue that it was up to no good.

The vessel is a bulk coal carrier, operating under the North Korean flag and owned by a North Korean company and crewed by a North Korean crew.

The United States had obtained a warrant to seize the vessel some time ago, but only recently did the vessel venture to an area where the United States felt comfortable in making the seizure. It is currently under the escort of the United States Coast Guard with United States Marshal’s aboard.


Here is a link to the information filed by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, seeking condemnation of the vessel, which would permit the United States to then auction off the vessel The vessel is accused of evading sanctions against North Korea.

As is customary in admiralty cases, this is an “in rem” proceeding and the case is titled United States of America v Wise Honest.

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They tested more ballistic missiles today, so those 2 summits Tiny had were pointless.

Was there contraband on the ship or something?

I believe it was carrying coal (not sure if TO or FROM) North Korea in violation of sanctions.

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Auction off for say $2MM?

As old as the vessel is, it may not even get a qualified offer and instead will be sold to a breaker.

It entered service in 1989.

Kim cheated on him with Putin. Can you just see them together, coming up with things to ■■■■ with donald.

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Damn, I want more information on this auction. :thinking:

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Well, they have to condemn the ship first in court before there will be any auction. :smile: It is still technically the property of its North Korean corporate owner until it has been formally condemned. :smile:

So… they just have to say it’s a naughty ol’ ship and they can auction it off? That’s freakin’ awesome. Surely there’d be other interesting collectibles at said auction too.

Did you get the reference? I’m trying clever tonight.

That’s not old, I entered the service over a decade before that.

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Nope. :smile:

Then again, was down in Statesville bright and early this morning, than over at the construction site this afternoon, so kinda a wee bit fried. :slight_smile:

The bill for the hostage they killed.

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Ahh, ok.

If you have $1,000,000 cash on hand, they MIGHT let you in the door. :smile: This particular vessel actually will likely sell for considerably under $1,000,000, but you have to have the demonstrated wherewithal to take possession of it, which pretty much limits buyers to either corporations or the very top 1% of the 1%. :slight_smile:

Is the 1 million cash on hand a requirement to get in? What if I only have half a mil in my hand?

Technically, it is not a fixed dollar threshold. Rather, you are evaluated as to whether you are a credible buyer. That means that you not only have sufficient cash, but that you have a legitimate reason for wanting to own the vessel. Almost ZERO non-corporate buyers are going to demonstrate why they need a bulk freighter. :smile: And of course, you must demonstrate that you or your company has the ability to provide a crew for the vessel and provide for the operation of the vessel, ongoing fees and taxes, etc.

However, the United States Marshal’s DO hold forfeiture auctions that you might be interested in. Of course, the items are more mundane such as seized vehicles, etc. :smile:

To hell with the ship, that’s boring. I want to see what other international aquisitions they have at these auctions.

30 years is at the upper end of the useable life of a cargo ship. The best use for that ship is to sink it as an artificial reef.

Dang, the sacred love appears to be gone.

What now, Donnie? Lol.