United States needs workers--increases work VISAs by 30K

so instead of getting on the caravan and crossing the border at point of entry.

Just get a work visa and after it is over declare for asylum.

easy money and entry into the United States,


I’m not surprised one bit.

Trump often says his resorts have no choice but to hire foreign guest workers — there just aren’t any Americans to take the jobs. But government records show nearly 60 US residents applied for those jobs, and only one was hired.

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Apply by fax only…on a non working fax number

The first few paragraphs

President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club needs to hire 35 waiters for this winter’s social season in Palm Beach, Fla.

Late last month, the club placed an ad on page C8 of the Palm Beach Post, crammed full of tiny print laying out the job experience requirements in classified ad shorthand. “3 mos recent & verifiable exp in fine dining/country club,” the ad said. “No tips.”

The ad gave no email address or phone number. “Apply by fax,” it said. The ad also provided a mailing address. It ran twice, then never again.

I created an entire thread on this last year.


Legal immigration.

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Why would they ask for asylum if they’re here legally working?

Notice I said legally.

Fat donald’s resorts is still employing illegal invaders.

“It’s my understanding based on what my clients have said, they have friends who also work there,” Anibal Romero told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball on Monday. “We’re talking about a very high number of employees at the golf club who were not documented, who were also brought in to work there, who may share similar stories.”

“A very large number of people who have worked there in the past, and we believe that this time there about 12 or 13 people who are still working there. We haven’t heard from them,” he continued.

You ok with fat donald’s resorts hiring illegal invaders?
17 ■■■■■■■ years!

How many Trump properties have employed undocumented workers — and for how long?

At least five golf courses — and for 17 years at one club.


But his supporters don’t care.

Ok? Not just ok vehemently supporting it. It makes liberal cry or something

But, but, they’re invaders! It’s a ■■■■■■■ national emergency!

No American is willing to clean up orange julius messes weekend messes after all…

■■■■■■■ hypocrites, every single one of them and this is coming from an ex-illegal immigrant.

Can’t forget the hatred about chain migration untill the illegal immigrant first lady wanted her family naturalized

Silent now, every single one of them. They can’t even answer a simple question. I’m more anti-illegal immigration than they could possibly ever be.

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Another thing, how in the ■■■■ did Melania get an Einstein Visa? 'Cause that numbnuts sure ain’t no Einstein.

Nicknamed the “Einstein Visa”, the EB-1 is in theory reserved for people who are highly acclaimed in their field - the government cites Pulitzer, Oscar, and Olympic winners as examples - as well as respected academic researchers and multinational executives.

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Well I am sure any day now that press conference explaining all of this will happen…any time now…anytime …

Do I have a problem with it? Yes.

Lesser of two evils…I have bigger problem with libs in power.

Called it