United States District Judge Carlos Murguia submits his resignation to President Trump, effective on April 1, 2020


United States District Judge Carlos Murguia has submitted his letter of resignation to President Trump, to take effect April 1, 2020. The delay is to permit him to either close out or transfer his remaining cases in an orderly fashion.

Just days ago, he was relieved of all the pending work place sexual discrimination cases that were on his docket.

My only guess is that a “smoking gun” was uncovered that would have resulted in his impeachment and removal from office. If that was the case, glad that he ended this without tying Congress up in another impeachment trial.

He will NOT receive retirement pay or benefits as he had not attained retirement qualification. His pay and benefits will end completely when he leaves office.

Glad to see him gone.

My two previous threads on this case, the first has the full background of his transgressions.

Good riddance and better savings.

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Appointed by Clinton. Kinda says something there.

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Not really. Turns out Stephen Reinhardt was a harasser.

Appointed by Carter.

Alex Kozinski was a harasser. Appointed by Reagan.

Things like this rarely reflect on the appointing President. Almost zero chance a President would know of a previous history of behavior and if it is brought up prior to Senate confirmation, the nominee is invariably rejected.

Does every thread has to turn into an us-vs-them, lib-vs-conservative thread?

It’s not adding value.

Value is that Trump has another seat to fill with his agenda of favoring constitutionalists.

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If…he committed a crime…resigning doesn’t wipe the slate clean? He needs to be prosecuted .

Looks more like gross misconduct just short of a crime…without knowing the details of the sexual harassment…Could be prosecuted for that.



Now we know what prompted his sudden resignation.

The Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability was preparing a recommendation of impeachment to be sent to the United States House of Representatives.

While technically the Committee retains jurisdiction up until the moment of Murguia’s resignation on April 1, for all intents and purposes, since his resignation is irrevocable, any further activity by the Committee would be irrelevant.

It is unknown at this time if any of the allegations have been forwarded to the FBI for possible criminal investigation.