UNHAPPY MEALS: Bernie Sets His Sights on McDonald’s, Demands $15 Hourly Wage | Sean Hannity

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders settled on his next corporate target this week; demanding McDonald’s pay all of its employees a $15 minimum wage despite age, work experience, or position at the company.

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how dare people want better wages.

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Good for Bernie!

I was unaware that nitwit was working at McDonalds.

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Paul Ryan giving McDonalds corporate a tax break from 35% to 21% is considered MAGA :us: but Bernie Sanders asking McDonalds corporate to give workers a base wage of $15 an hour is somehow seen as un-American, evil, or such.

Go figure.


$15 an hour is what EMTs get paid to save lives where I live. Does the job McD’s workers do have the same value as saving a life?

Sanders is pretty ■■■■■■■ old. Maybe he has chosen the wrong group to help. He may need an EMT before he has need of another happy meal.

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That isn’t how it works.

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Ok then. illuminate it for me. How does it work?

People are paid what they can get, not what they are worth or based on what they do.

Bull ■■■■. Then why are brain surgeons paid more than McD workers?

Why does an EMT get paid 15$ an hour and I get paid 60$ an hour to do crossword puzzle in a trailer.

Not enough info to comment.

People get paid for what they can get, who are you to tell people working at McD that they can’t demand higher wages. are you this upset when people working for oil company ask for a raise?

When did Bernie start flipping burgers and wiping kid vomit off tables at McDs?

I’m a glorified janitor boss.

What a person makes depends on many factors.

Workers who are considered “skilled” can demand higher wages and benefits than unskilled workers.

Professionals such as brain surgeons are not paid based on hourly wage rates. They are compensated on a whole different list of factors.

Answered your own question. Why don’t you demand the people you supervise also get paid $60?

He hasn’t. He is advocating for constituents who are employed at McDonalds.

I advocate they get paid better, I support my fellow workers why don’t you.

How much skill does it take to work at a burger house? There are plenty of people ready to take that job if someone quits. And they can be terraced by automation.

What you are describing is supply and demand.