UNFRIENDLY SKIES: France Imposes New ‘ECO-TAX’ on Every International Flight

Originally published at: UNFRIENDLY SKIES: France Imposes New ‘ECO-TAX’ on Every International Flight | Sean Hannity

France unveiled yet another tax on their citizens Tuesday; implementing a new “Eco-Tax” on all flights leaving the European country regardless of destination.

“France will introduce an eco-tax on airlines flying out of France, which is expected to raise around 180 million euros ($201.67 million) from 2020, transport minister Elisabeth Borne said on Tuesday,” reports Reuters.

“Borne said France will gradually introduce the tax, which will amount to about 1.5 euros for an economy class ticket on flights within France or the European Union, 9 euros for business class tickets, and up to 18 euros for business class ticket for flights out of the EU region. There will be no tax on transit flights,” adds the website.

“We have decided to put in place an eco-tax on all flights from France,” Borne said.

The new fees come months after France implemented a “digital tax” on internet sales from giant corporations including Google, Amazon, and others.

“The levy of as much as 5 percent of French sales will start Jan. 1 and potentially raise about 500 million euros ($570 million) for the state,” reports Bloomberg. “Under the plan, which the cabinet will discuss on Wednesday, the tax will apply to any company with global revenue of more than 750 million euros and French sales above 25 million euros.”

The new tax scheme comes just months after the so-called ‘Yellow Vest’ protests swept through France, with angry residents clashing with police over high energy costs, massive taxes, lack of employment, and other issues.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to overhaul the nation’s tax code in recent weeks but is struggling to cope with plummeting poll numbers and a series of economic challenges.

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