Unexplained post deletions

Party posted a well-written and thoughtful post here asking why so many posts being deleted here with no explanation, many of them seemingly not against any TOS. Seems we should be able to have an adult discussion about it. Why delete the whole thing. Was it against TOS in some way?

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I’m glad I got a chance to read it before it got deleted. It was really well written, and you could tell she put some time into writing it.


Yeah, I couldn’t see any reason why that would have been deleted.

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My live stream thread was deleted. Was it because i included a tweet from the president that was critical of cruz? Is cruz protected on this board?

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Maybe it was that I implied Texans support a guy like Cruz.

Why wouldn’t a republican support Cruz?

I don’t have any idea what was wrong with that thread

Perhaps it was a mistake, put it back up…

That’s a good suggestion.

Do you think anything about it violated TOS?

because you said nothing of the live feed but went off on some tangent. unrelated to the link posted.