Unexpected and Classy

14 year old boys do stupid things. Cut them a little slack. That was the message from Marcus Luttrell this morning on the Sunday Morning Fox and Friends Cartoon Show.

I’d add that 14 year old boys…some of them, can be saved. I had my 14/15 year old moment when I turned 16. My brother turned me around. It can be done for some.


Marcus Luttrell has incredible response to teen who destroyed memorial for slain Navy SEAL

Chris Enloe Weekend Editor (ToBlazes)

A Long Island teenager was arrested last week after police say he vandalized a memorial for slain Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, a Medal of Honor recipient.

Fellow Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who was saved by Murphy’s actions during Operation Red Wings in 2005, reacted to the incident on Fox News over the weekend, providing an incredible response.

What did Luttrell say?

“I’m sure I felt just like you did…when you get a hold of the guy, make sure you give me a call, so I can come down and hang out with him for a while,” Luttrell said on “Fox and Friends.”

“But then I heard it was a 14-year-old boy, and um, I made a lot of mistakes when I was 14. I think we all did. Sometimes when we’re coming into our own, becoming a man, you’re confused,” he added. “It’s tough.”

Luttrell went on to explain how he believes the situation should be handled. First, he suggested the reward money be used to rebuild the memorial. Then, he said he would love the opportunity to show the boy what type of man Murphy was.


Class act by a classy guy.

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He responded with grace, no doubt about that.