Unemployment lowest since 1969. . . corporate tax cut working?

Absolutely amazing. The US now has its lowest unemployment rate in half a century.

Fake Numbers. Real unemployment >40%

And as the Washington Examiner noted the black and hispanic unemployment rate

There is a LOT I don’t like about Donald Trump, but it seems that electing a businessman instead of a lawyer-turned-careet-politician might be a good thing for America.

Fake numbers and the such.

We are continuing the long term trend that started under Obama. Wages continue to rise as well. Slow and steady progress is great.

Hard to tell. Tax cuts may have helped drive unemployment lower than it would have in the absence of tax cuts, but the unemployment numbers are part of a trend that has been going on for 8 years.

Good overall rate to be sure. I’d expect wage pressure to start manifesting in a stronger way than it has, but I’ve been thinking that going back to before Trump and it has not happened.

So is it fake or continuing?

Maybe it is fake when an R is in office cutting taxes but real when a D is in office.


I was making fun of t he righties who for 8 years accused Obama of fake numbers and cooking the books including our President.

I’ve always believed the numbers.

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Yeah I read an article that small business owners are facing wage challenges. Gist was they want to hire and expand noe, but they are hesitant to do so if it means locking im higher wages.

Yeah it went right by me. :smile:

That doesn’t make any sense. If businesses warrants it, you hire. If it doesn’t, you don’t.

I poked around and looked for the article, but could not find it. The gist was as I described above.

On another thread (one about GDP) we identified two recent trends in the credit markets:

  1. household borrowing is up (in an absolute sense), and that
  2. interest bearing deposits have leveled off (they had been going up.)

Those trends could be good news or bad news depending in one’s perspective but they mean that our historically low unemployment probably is caused by something other than the corporate tax cut, which is still in its infancy.