Unemploment soars to 14.7% M 20m jobs lost

actually a better number than i thought it would be. also beter than wall street thought it would be
u6 however was worse than i thought at 22.8%

U6 only counts when a Democrat is in office. For obvious reasons.

Yea! The inevitable result of shutting the ■■■■■■■ country down!

All we can do is hope!


That happens when the government shuts down over half of the economy.

You must be so pissed at Trump then

Why? Trump didn’t shut it down, the governors did because the lab coats scared you ©.


The governors didn’t do a thing until given the guidelines to do so by Trump’s.CDC.


Please link to any order from Tump Administration to shut down any business. Please and thank you.


Notice how it Trump not only took credit but also said “he was extending” not the governors were extending

Guidelines. Remember what you © libs said when Trump claimed he had the authority to order reopening? You 'member.

“He didn’t shut it down, he can’t order it open!”

And he didn’t.


I remember Trump taking credit for the decrease in the models when social distancing was enacted and also remember him extending those measures

I do too. Do you remember what you © said?

So the Feds said it was okay for local governments to shut down businesses.

THEN it was the decision of state and local officials to shut things down.

I remember what I said

Policing Powers!!!

Yes, the states were given the option whether to follow the plan Trump’s agency prepared for them. And then Trump had them extended. That makes him just as responsible. He was for them before he was against them

Trump extended the recommendations then and the local states kept things closed. Utah closed earlyer than others and is opening erlier than others. By order of OUR governor Not Trump.

Who decided NY schools remain closed?