Unedited Video of Pelosi Admits She "Doesn't Care" If Statues Are Torn Down By Mobs

Unedited Video of Pelosi Admits She “Doesn’t Care” If Statues Are Torn Down By Mobs
In an unedited video press conf with Pelosi goes on to say she Doesn’t Care" If Statues Are Torn Down By protesters or rioters whatever they are the founding fathers or not.

This is the same Pelosi that supporters Joe Biden 100%.

Unedited Video of Pelosi Admits She “Doesn’t Care” If Statues Are Torn Down By Mobs
She doesn’t care about history at all.

What a dumb statement to young people.
The founding fathers wanted us to talk about the future? you might as well just get rid of the bill of rights by Pelosi logic.

And to think she represents the Democratic Party, prity sick don’t you think?

There’s a war on, melt the nostalgia for scrap.


Some people want to remove statues, what’s next FEMA camps? :joy:

No silly - Bill Clinton is going to set up the FEMA camps by the end of his 2nd term.

Oh, wait - I think he missed the deadline…

Right on :fist:t3:

Stay on topic please.

I sense another political massacre coming on. Keep up the good work Nancy. :sunglasses:

Except that’s not what she said.

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Like her own quote.
“People do what people do?”
If people start rioting in her district or city for lack of money for rent or whatever would she be saying that same idiotic nonsense?

Do not people do what people do?

Tell me…why are the Sons of Liberty heroes for dumping millions of dollars of private merchandise into Boston Harbor?

Why aren’t they considered riotous thugs?

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You really think people care that much about statues?

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I don’t care either. Asking politely was taking too long.

Statues Lives Matter

Nope…until they get torn down by one out of control side that doesn’t even know their history.

Even then they don’t care.

“They” will lose the election, in part, due to this very thing.

They is not politicians, but people. Voters…

Many Trump supporters have this weird idea that support for things they think are important is much broader than it actually is.

Trump did not win his election with broad-based support in the country.

He leveraged a strong base against a bad candidate. The odds of him doing that again are slim.

There are few if any people who don’t already support Trump who are going to turn to him because of the statues.

Let’s face it…people don’t really care about statues of confederate soldiers.

People just don’t like the people asking for them to be removed. That’s all.

I am quite sure, in a vacuum, of you asked americans ‘should we display confederate generals in places of honor’, 90% would say no.

It’s only because of who the people are pushing the issue that suddenly a set of americans care about these tributes to traitors.

People generally don’t care about statues period. You know what impact a statue has on my daily life? Me neither.