Under Trump we are spending about 1000 dollars everyday for each migrant detained thanks to nobid contracts

So I decided to do a little research into the $750 day figure I’d heard a private company was
charging the US government per each detained migrant. I wanted to:

  1. verify this figure was accurate
  2. verify it was indeed a private company instead of a non-profit charging this, as both
    have managed these detention centers (not that it really matters, ultimately, but stay
    with me)
  3. try to figure out where this per diem sum was going, if not to even buy these tortured
    children toothbrushes and soap, which are about the cheapest basic necessities on
    the market, and which no individual has to replace every day.
  4. Understand how and why this was allowed to happen.
    $775/ person A DAY should cover a lot of necessities, right? So where the hell is all this money
    going? This can’t be true…
    Well here’s what I found:
  5. Yes, it’s a private company called Comprehensive Health Services (a subsidiary of
    Caliburn International). CHS operates the largest child migrant detention center, which
    is in FL and was already receiving horrible press — especially from local FL papers —
    last year. But that didn’t matter, because CHS recently opened up a few more child
    prisons in TX, as it snagged a new government contract, despite many documented
    concerns about conditions in Florida.
  6. $775/day per child is an accurate sum of CHS’s CLAIMED recent operating costs, and
    what our federal tax dollars are paying for. A sum that was agreed to upon award of
    the no bid contract(ill get more into this later) , In fact, it was actually on the record as
    $775 last summer with a recent addition of 850 more beds as of april 2019 until nov 30
    2019 a total of just 234 days for an additional amount of around 341 million dollars or
    about $1,400 a day. I guess the logic is they were doing such an amazing job they
    should just keep being awarded no bid contracts.(3)
  7. So where is this money going, you wonder, if not to soap and toothbrushes? Yeah, I
    did too, and it was quite easy to dig up. CHS, via Caliburn, is controlled by the private
    equity firm DC Capital Partners. For those of you who don’t know how private equity
    firms work, look it up.
  8. While I would not be able to find out vested shareholders in the DCCP portfolio, we do
    not have to assume they’re making some nice returns on these CHS operations and
    government contracts that line their pockets instead of covering even basic human
    needs for children. That’s clear, because why would a private company keep their
    costs down so low that they completely disregard humanity, even though they say
    they’re experts in “healthcare?”
  9. A very small amount of people are most likely pocketing 95%+ of this money, there is no other
    way to explain this. The salaried employees at these camps are paid an average of $15.75 an hour
    and according to employee statements complaining about the lack of workers and beingunderstaffed at these camps the staff to detainee ratio is about 1 to 35. They do not staff dedicated
    mental health professionals or real doctors either from all the information I have gathered. While I
    can’t name for you the private investors getting rich off of this humanitarian crisis, I can name for you
    members of the advisory board of DCCP, which approves everything in the portfolio.
    First up: Trump’s former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who was named to the board LAST MONTH, and
    photographed riding a golf cart into a CHS child prison. So with his own eyes, he saw the conditions
    there. And he was cool with it all, because hey, there’s money to be made for his rich investor
    friends, and maybe even himself! Who knows! Can’t say for sure, so feel free to reasonably assume
    what you wish. I’m just stating facts here.
    Coincidentally, prior to joining Trump in the WH, he was also a paid lobbyist for DCCP. Hmmmm…
  10. So next up on the DCCP board: Richard L. Armitage, former U.S. deputy secretary of state;
    Michael Corbin; former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates; Michael V. Hayden, former director
    of the Central Intelligence Agency and of the National Security Agency; Donald M. Kerr Jr., former
    deputy director of science and technology at the CIA; Anthony C. Zinni, former commander-in-chief
    of the U.S. Central Command and former U.S. Envoy to the Middle East; and Stephen F. Loftus,
    former director of the Office of the Budget for the United States Navy.
    Are y’all seeing any patterns here?
  11. Michael Hayden, last June, said on the record he sees “commonality” between Nazi Germany’s
    separation of children at concentration camps and the Trump administration policy that is forcing
    children to be separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.
    "I know we’re not Nazi Germany, alright. But there is a commonality there, and a fear on my part …
    We have standards we have to live up to,” Hayden told CNN’s “New Day.”
    It appears he left those standards at the boardroom door, along with many other individuals that
    dance with greed and corruption on the line of the private and public sectors COMPLETELY
  12. Last month, the same month Kelly got his new gig, the government awarded CHS a brand new,
    hush-hush contract worth $341 million, even though there had been tons of pressure to close it due
    to its conditions.
  13. Just two months before this, in March, CHS/Caliburn cancelled its IPO after registering with the
    SEC to sell $100m public shares. The CEO cited “market forces,” yet made it clear the company was
    thriving and growing.
    I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions about all of this, or do more research. And I’ll post a
    ton of sources in the comments for those who actually think this administration is “draining the swamp,” or who want to debate the semantics of whether these ”centers” can reasonably be called child concentration camps or not without offending people.But that entire debate is a distraction from
    the in your face corruption. The people getting rich off this (ie trump and friends) would much rather you argue about the semantics of concentration camps and if this may qualify as one instead of
    talking about the fact that the people behind this need to be arrested, brought to trial and made an example of, imo life in prison or shot.For those of you (I really hope no one is) that are cool lining the pockets of a few private citizens in
    DC with YOUR tax dollars while dirty, hungry, sick children live imprisoned and stacked in cages
    without even a dime of your money going to pay for soap and toothbrushes for these kids like it was
    supposed to I think you’re disgustingly dumb but would love to hear your justifications for this and
    why you think its ok. Who knows maybe your logic will sway me but even if you are cool and want
    these people to be tortured in cages for being mexican there is no way it should cost about a grand a
    day to do so. This did not go on under Obama, the pictures seen of people in cages were due to large caravans of illegal immigrants being intercepted and held for very short periods of time, there were no 1000 dollar a day camps that try to detain people as long as possible in order to make the most money possible. Unlike trump, Obama did not use this as a way to pay off “friends” or people who he owed favors too by holding them in cages for enormous sums of money for extended periods of time.

Sounds like our for-profit prison systems.

I don’t like our country making an economy out of the penal system.

I honestly dont see how anyone could support trump after this blatent corruption and scamming of our country. It actually makes me sick the more i learn about it. The fact that he is making people suffer so others can profit makes it eveb more disgusting. I dont under stand how anyone could defend spending about 1000 dollars per prisoner a day to keep them packed into cells with limited AC food and drink. Especially when it is due to a no bid contract awarded to john kellys company. How is this allowed, im new to politics but im shocked this isnt brought up constantly in debates and on cnn

Much, much cheaper to just build the wall.

Build the wall.

Stop the invasion.

When will they ever learn? When will they eeeeeeeeeeeeeevver learn?

Or maybe dont let Trump and friends scam the country to enrich themselves? I feel like that should be the first priority. This is totally inexcusable and disqualifys him to be president in my mind and hopefully the mind of any other semi rational person. If not id love to hear why your fine with someome conning the country so blatently, I have never wanted someone to end up in jail more in my life, the concept of this scam which is pretty much steal us tax dollars to force migrants to suffer.

For 1k a day they should be bathing in caviar and lobster whiling getting full body massages all day. Not drinking toliet water and starving with 30 people crammed into non ac cages.

Yep. We need to streamline the process for removing illegals from the country. Also, catching more and deporting more would greatly reduce the cost per illegal.

You’re confused between legal…and illegal.

I love how they just put all this stuff out there with no proof or links.

I read somewhere it started in 2014…under Obama.

So if the $300something million dollar contract with Kelly is pure evil…

What does that make the $1billion dollar contract under Obama?

“The four-year, $1 billion contract — details of which have not been previously disclosed — has been a boon for CCA, which, in an unusual arrangement, gets the money regardless of how many people are detained at the facility.”


Wouldn’t be surprising that the have been the exclusive company for a long time.

Or maybe folks should do some basic research before running around like their hair is on fire.

Lol figures, once again true TDS on display.

Considering this is like 4 or 5th attempt to post the same OP. :wink:

Must be something libs pass back and forth on Facebook.

Yes…probably something from Russian troll farm. :wink:


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People have already learned how to get around walls.

That’s why there are no walls today. They are a thing of the past.