UN REPORT: Nearly 2 MILLION People Have Fled Venezuela Since 2015

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/un-report-nearly-2-million-people-have-fled-venezuela-since-2015/

A stunning report published by the United Nations this week is shedding new light on the staggering humanitarian crisis taking place in Venezuela; confirming nearly two million people have fled the socialist nation since 2015.

The UN called for a “non-political” response to help stem the regional crisis; adding 5,000 people are leaving Venezuela on a daily basis for neighboring countries.

“A non-political and humanitarian approach is essential to help states receiving them in growing numbers,” said the head of the UN Refugee Agency. “Some 5,000 people are now leaving Venezuela daily – the largest population movement in Latin America’s recent history.”

Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro issued a series of “revolutionary” economic policies earlier this year to ease runaway inflation; raising the minimum wage by 3,000% and slashing five zeroes off the nation’s struggling currency.

Read the full UN report here.

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