Ukranian Protests!

Looks like that in 2016 even the Ukranian citizens were trying to protect Victor Shokin.

“The protest on March 28 followed a Kiev court ruling that authorized Shokin’s office to investigate a watchdog organization called the Anticorruption Action Center, over claims that the center embezzled $2.2 million in aid.”

Even just doing 5 minutes of research shows how bunk this whole Trump propaganda is.

Hunter Biden did crack.

I’m not sure if was Shokin or one of his deputies they found a safe full of diamonds in his house.

fun fact the person who replaced him and is one of Rudy key “Witness” has fled Ukraine after the opened a criminal investigation into him due to connection to organized crime, embezzlement and underground gambling.

I think it was Shokin, although I could be mistaken.

Rudy is hanging out with so many Eastern European criminals its hard to keep track.

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No doubt.

On that note, I spent 3 miserable hours in a meeting tonight with Lev Parnas’ son - he wasn’t the reason it was miserable, he’s a very nice kid - and its quite interesting to see how he’s changed in the last couple months.

Let’s just say he doesnt have his photos with Trump on his facebook page anymore.

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3 hour meeting? Bar Bri group?
Lev said he took down his pictures too, but his were more like a shrine on an actual wall.

SBA meeting.