Ukranian Government hit with Major Cyber Attack

Several Ukrainian Government websites are down due to a major cyber attack. Attack comes after US-Russia talks fail to produce movement on Ukraine Crisis

Cyberattack targets Ukraine government

So, is this a pre-invasion disruption operation?

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Or is it just another CIA false-flag operation?

“Ukrainian! All your personal data was uploaded to the public network. All data on the computer is destroyed, it is impossible to restore it,” said a message visible on hacked government websites, written in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.

“All information about you has become public, be afraid and expect the worst. This is for your past, present and future.”

Since we left Afghanistan, the military-surveillance complex is looking for another rathole to dump billions of dollars in endless war.


Interesting. So this is actually just the CIA waging the dog?

Probably not, but who knows?

If the CIA or Russia are involved it is likely that the attack would come from a third party.

Nobody has claimed the attack yet. I suspect that Putin tolerates Russian Hackers and uses them as cyber mercenaries.

Yes, that is a possibility. There are plenty other possibilities as well.

In any case expect the Biden administration to blame Russia.

Expect Russia to blame someone else.

Sophisticated hackers can cover their tracks or make the attack appear to come from somewhere else. The true source of the attack may never be known.

Or you know we discovered there’s a whole unit of the GRU that does exactly this kind of stuff.

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Most definitely the GRU has capabilities also. Putin has shown a propensity to use what at least appear to be contractors in conflicts. Specifically the Wagner Group. There is some belief that Wagner Group is actually a GRU unit. If this is GRU then a ground offensive could begin anytime.

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More information coming out. Apparently Russian language social media is now in overdrive laying the ground work for Russian action to not just protect Russian interests, but to save the Ukrainian people from their own government. It is also reported, but without confirmation, that Russia is prepping false flag violent attacks in the separatist controlled regions of Ukraine.

Russia preparing false-flag operation as pretext for Ukraine invasion, US warns

Back in the 2d Chechen War, there was a bombing in Moscow of an apartment building. It was blamed on the Chechens and used as a very effective driver of Russian public opinion to support the massive offensive that toppled the Chechen government and brought the region back under Russian control under Putin.

The west can live without Ukraine in NATO we have gotten along just fine without them being in NATO. Not sure all this is worth it for the Ukrainians who are very likely to be taken over completely if war breaks out.

One doesn’t need to like Russia or Putin to understand why Russia would not want NATO positioned 300 miles from Moscow. We almost fought a war over these exact things during the Cuban missile crisis. I don’t think having Ukraine in NATO the poorest country in Europe next to Moldova is worth a war with Russia.

With hypersonic missiles the 300 mile thing is pretty much a false worry. This just a continuation of the instability left by the fall of the Soviet Union.

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You mean… like every other technologically advanced country? You don’t say! :roll_eyes:

Russia isn’t going to let Ukraine be part of the EU or NATO. As despicable as Putin is he has a point when he says we wouldn’t let Russia set up a military base in Mexico we wouldn’t.

I am not sure why we are testing Russia’s resolve over the Ukraine we already seen they took over 10% of the country in 2014 when the pro Russian candidate was overthrown in the Ukraine and the little green men (As they were called) took over the Crimea.

What’s very likely to happen is Russia will overwhelm Ukrainian in a ground war then what can we do besides sanctions and what will Ukraine gain by losing their country. Geography matters and unfortunately for Ukraine they are wedged in a bad spot. Let’s not forget the country has a hefty percentage of pro Russian attitudes as well mainly in the eastern side of their country as well as in the south but it’s not and insignificant number. I don’t see our gain rattiling this cage.

Proximity is a big factor it will always be. The saying we always use “Fight them over there not here”.

I am not sure whey we are slow learners of Russia intensions. We saw them build up in 2008 next to Georgia then they went to war. We saw them loading up military equipment going to Syria then they attacked the Syrian free Army. We know they have zero problem attacking Ukraine as they already have invaded Ukraine less than 10 years ago taking part of the Ukraine. They are asking on the media “Will Russia invade the Ukraine” they already have in 2014 and both Ukraine and Russia are still technically at war over the Crimea.

People should be asking is this the war we want? And maybe even more pertinent is this what is best for Ukraine? Being taken over by Russia it’s obvious that’s what’s about to take place if diplomacy fails. Not sure why we aren’t taking them at their word as the past has shown them time and time out build up and then go to war.

We wouldn’t be here now if Zelensky had just done that favor.

The Ukrainian government is saying they think that the attack came from Belarus, a close ally of Russia.

That report appears in state-owned outlets from both Russia and the US, but curiously the report seems to be ignored in the US corporate media. I also see no mention on the English version of the Kyiv Post.

It is as if the CIA and KGB are coordinating on the narrative. Why would they do that?

intuitively. i’ve always favored ukraine admittance to nato, corruption in ukraine however is a ratho;e through which billions of nato dollars would poor, so i’ve always believed that had to be cleared up first. not certain, but i believe thats always been the us position also. whether it happens or not i’m not sure as i’m not certain the level of corruption can ever be bought under control. what i do know is russia don’t get a vote. they don’t get to say no, and they don’t get to force the issue by boxing nato in to doing it or appearing weak.

Russian forces never really left Belarus. FSB and GRU have assets there. There are also Russian combat forces massed there near the border. If it came out of Belarus it’s Russian. As for the agency, good direct action assets, but the keystone cops when it comes to espionage ops.