Ukraine Refugee Problem

This little dust up is going to cause more problems for lot of people. I’ve said several times, “Watch the refugees.”

“Humanitarian CRISIS!” is a good one to suck the core into the gap.

I have a feeling we will hear about this particular issue again. Ukrainians are at the Mexico border.

According to the World Health Organization, the country has the fourth highest incidence of the disease in Europe. And it has one of the highest rates of multidrug resistant TB anywhere in the world.

Keep your muzzles handy.

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3 million reported so far.

Bet they wish they had spent more on national defense.

At our border? Do they know how to code??

Yes. No, but they’re coal miners, so they can learn.

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Hey, that’s perfect! We have all kinds of coal deposits in sparsely populated areas and we could really use the electricity right now. Send the Ruskies to the Rockies!


I heard a Foxnews analyst suggest that the reason we don’t allow Ukrainian refugees to come here is because they are not likely to vote the ways Mexicans do.

I had to smile and agree.

Didn’t the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 limit the number of immigrants from predominantly white countries in favor of non-whites?

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Sounds fair


Are Cubans not now being returned?

We will allow them. We will bring them. By the tens of thousands.


Silliest thing i heard all day. Thanks for that

Except there’s precedence.

Not for the Russian/ ukranian immigrant population there isn’

The dude who said it has no idea how this block votes. They ain’t libs.

How convenient for you.

Well yes for my argument. It’s super convient and to point how silly that Fox News guy was to posit it

They do vote by the way. En masse. There are statistics on the subject.

Except there’s precedence for fighting against the importation of immigrants based on their voting habits.


Here you go that circle part is Russian and Ukrainian and other Eastern Europeans.

Enjoy the silly ness of that guys point

Interesting you show a graph with Asians. Remember when dems were against illegal immigration?