Ukraine computer involved in Tennessee elections attack

'Cyber-security experts hired by Knox County to analyze the so-called “denial of service” cyberattack, said Friday that “a suspiciously large number of foreign countries” accessed the site as votes were being reported on May 1.

County officials said no voting data was affected, but the site was down for an hour after the polls closed, causing confusion before technicians fixed the problem.

The vulnerability identified by Sword & Shield has been fixed and additional safeguards are now in place, said Ball.

“What attackers will do is, they’ll break into other computers and then launch their attacks from there,” he said.

The report said the website received requests for access from about 100 countries, from all over the world."

Am I the only one that’s just waiting for hackers to figure out a way to hack into a system where the final results are tallied (way in advance), lay low, then on the night of the election do what they want? They don’t even need to get to the actual voting machines. They just need to get to the systems where results are keep (before transmitting). Well, unless 100% of those systems are not on the Internet and we’re using carrier pigeon. And in that case a shotgun is good enough.

It will happen.

Attacks on voter registration probably are already, along with other related service disruptions we aren’t even aware of yet.

Good thing the party that always benefits from compromised elections is in power!

How have the republicans benefited from compromised elections?

Most importantly please in detail describe how the elections were compromised with proof.

Why are you worth my time? Please provide proof.

I’m not the one complaining about compromised elections.

So lets see your proof that ANY US election has been compromised.

There have been no such compromises involving hacking computer voting machines. You can not document one. Stop making things up. Did you not even notice in the article that not one vote was changed?

“County officials said no voting data was affected,…”

The last election was compromised by Russia. You should read the news.

Good thing that’s not what I claimed, otherwise I would be real embarrassed! Your attempts to catch me in a language parsing trap are pathetic. Try harder please!

Oh, you are pretending that the election was compromised because some Russians supposedly wrote some trolling posts on the internet. That’s even funnier than your first allegation.
Or perhaps you would prefer to clarify the exact compromise involved.

Not my fault you’re uneducated.

Btw someone else posted proof. But you will pretend it doesn’t exist or lie about it, which is why I didn’t bother.

You’re on a different level of denial now. This is not a partisan issue, forget about trump for a minute and realize that foreign entities (Russia being the biggest culprit) are actively trying to create chaos in this country. This is serious ■■■■ that needs to be addressed aggressively wothout partisan bull ■■■■. Take your beer goggles off brother.

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It’s not denial. He’s lying.

It’s denial by lying.

The actual votes will still be available as they would in a recount for example. Easily checked.

How did they compromise it? Details. How did they change ANY votes?

That’s not the point. Are you ok with foreign entities attacking our voting systems on a regular basis? Doesn’t this ■■■■ concern you?

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