UK patients waiting more than 1,000 days for routine surgery

Oh my I hope the US is not trying to emulate the things the UK is doing.

Something about their model is not working. We should move in the opposite direction.


A revolving door of conservative governments.


Whew, That’s good to now. So that’s not the case at all in Canada and France etc. right?

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Don’t know never looked.

I do know the NHS has been chronically underfunded for a while. It’s either the same old conservative strategy of making a public service suck on purpose, or the same old conservative denial of the reality that quality costs money.

You don’t think maybe socialized healthcare led to a black check mentality and the system is collapsing that way?



so everywhere there is socialized healthcare healthcare is collapsing
I wonder is the problem is too much conservatism and not enough socialism.


Non-socialized healthcare has bigger checks, so it’s definitely not that.

There is also a looming medical doctor shortage in USA.

Medical care will get worse no matter what government promises.


That is definitely true and (in a long term sense) that is the reason US doctors are paid 3 times what French doctors are paid, ~2x what UK and other such doctors are paid.


Oh…let the government get involved…they’ll fix everything…just like our southern border.


Ya know I’ve been reading about Medieval England lately (got inspired after watching a Vikings mini series.)

It occurs to me that while medical technology is obviously better now (better medicines, better trained doctors) on the administrative/delivery side England was actually better off then than they are now.

I can’t imagine a Medieval healthcare practitioner saying “I’ll pencil you in for 3-plus years for now. I’ve got a back log.”

The science part has gotten better, but sadly even the ye’ old kings in ye’ olde stone castles did a better job than the current government of actually getting that technology to the people. The scientists have moved forward. The government has moved backward and can’t even duplicate what was done in the age of the vikings.


That’s the gist of it. Libs think socialized healthcare would be just “wonderful” and it’s just not true.


I can’t read the article because it’s behind a paywall for me. What I will say is our healthcare system is equally as broken. We have an industry that gets to keep .33 cents of every dollar you spend on healthcare while providing zero benefit to that care.


The Tories are running it into the ground as an ideological choice.


Well HCA Healthcare Inc. makes an 8.99% profit margin.
CYH (Community Health systems) makes 6.93%
Brookdale Senior Living is losing 6.01%
Acadia is making 17.24%

So if your number is correct and only .33 cents is going to actual healthcare and since I can prove far less than that goes to evil insurance companies where does the rest go?

  • government mandates?
  • malpractice insurance lawyers?
  • real estate costs?
  • diversity enhancement programs and green healthcare initiatives?

Just give us more money! It’ll work this time!


Interesting. Your chart shows neither units (people?? days??) nor who made it.
(Like, ws it made by some political partisan hack who doesn’t what their name associated with a chart they know to be misleading?)

These two charts below suffer from neither of those painfully obvious faults and (surprise surprise) when people are willing to stand behind their work and have their name associated with it they show a different story.


Hmmm, should we trust the super-secret anonymous chart that no one wnats to stand behind, or the other charts?


What amazes me is trying to figure out ow the conservative party, not socialism, in Britain caused the French, the German and the Canadian healthcare all to enter crises.

Wow that guy Sunak gets elected and suddenly he has a lot of power all over the continent and the globe (rolleyes)


No health insurance gets to keep .33 cents the rest goes to actual care and their profit margin can go up based on the number of claims they deny.

The dirty secret is we all pay for the uninsured now in higher costs. It’s well past time we fix the system. When people get sick that are uninsured they go to the hospital. That cost is passed on to you and I.

Prime example my son has a preexisting condition that needed evaluated every 3 years. He just had his last checkup and he’s cleared. He was there less than an hour and saw the doctor for 15 minutes. The bill from the hospital is $3,800. My “great” health insurance is refusing to cover it.

It would be very very foolish to believe what you have just written.
Check the facts first, then choose whether or not to believe something

  • Insurance companies are not making that.
  • Insurance companies are not making half that.
  • Most insurance companies are not making a third of that.
  • Some insurance companies are losing money.

Scientific method:
FIRST check facts then derive opinion.

(Use the scientific method.)

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