UK facing the worst ecnomic downturn in 300 years

Brexit and COVID have wrecked the UK, they are facing a lot of hardship and thing are likely to get worse before they get better.

The United Kingdom is facing its worst recession since The Great Frost of 1709 — back when the American colonies were still British, and Benjamin Franklin was just 3 years old.

Residents have been trading at Borough Market for at least 800 years. It’s still open, but now, on most days, it’s close to deserted.

“It’s almost crippling, really. We’ve had to be really careful, and a bit you know inventive to survive,” Charlie Foster told CBS News’ Holly Williams.

It’s only two weeks to flatten the curve!



It’s not like 2/3 of the world didn’t see that one coming. It was going to happen regardless Covid just exacerbated the situation greatly

Covid hosed everybody, but I really think Brexit was a mistake.

I do hope they recover but yeah it’s not smart to isolate oneself in a world where the problems are global

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London used to be the financial center of the EU. Not anymore. England on it’s own was a second tier country. And Scotland is probably going to achieve independence😑

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Everyones facing an economic downturn that we haven’t even begin to see the consequences of. Brexit whether pro or remain has little to do with what is happening across the world right now. China on the other hand deserves way more ire than the western countries pointing their fingers at people within.

I don’t agree with the way Cuomo, Trump and others has handled the pandemic at the same time none of them spread the plague across the globe, that would be the CCP, and lied about it the whole time and still do.


We have an utterly incompetent, corrupt Tory government.

By the time they are done there a good chance Scotland will have declared independence and Ireland is united.

Turns out trying to ignore the scientific advice and delaying lockdowns is really bad for the economy and the spread of covid.

The vaccination programme is going well though.

Self-inflicted wounds.

Exports have fallen by 68%

But you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the DUP, the world’s worst politicians.

They voted for brexit, remember.

Not all countries are still in a COVID-19 pandemic recession.

If Scotland gains their independence one would assume that they will seek to rejoin the EU given their support of staying in the EU as shown by their referendum result.

Would have thought so.

Might move up to Edinburgh if they get in.

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Who would have thought that leaving the EU would have had a negative impact on the UK’s trade position?

Everyone, the brexit nutters simply didn’t care.




You do realize that was a political thing. The scientists and doctors never thought that was going to work, and said as much to the best of their ability.

Never thought it would work in what way? It was never supposed to stop the virus. It was just supposed to slow the infection rate down so hospitals didn’t get over run.

In THAT it was successful. Or they were wrong about the infection rate. After “the curve” never materialized they stopped using the lockdowns to flatten the curve and shifted into using it to stop the virus rather than just slow it down. In that it was unsuccessful and was never meant to be for that purpose.

It’s like it was the only tool in their box and were trying to drive screws with a hammer.

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So it turns out Brexit was incredibly ■■■■■■■ stupid and handled in an even more incredibly stupid way with no plan and now they’re paying for it. But muh sovereignty!

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The working call voted for it and will suffer the most.

The middle class voted against it and will be largely unaffected.

And the ruling class got what they wanted and will make a killing.

Same old, same old…

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