UK Brexit secretary and foreign secretary resign

Boris is blatantly going to take another run at a leadership challenge, the Govt could possibly collapse.

This is after May gave a greenlight to a “soft” Brexit plan, where we would keep access to the single market (no tarriffs with the EU) in exchange for some give in other areas.

I was sceptical that the EU would ever accept the plan put forth, as it crossed a few red lines they had already made clear. But at least it wouldn’t result in immediate tariffs on about half of UK imports and exports.

The knives are out now, could be another election coming soon at this rate.

Trump ja-vous…all over again.

I’ve never really understood the UK system of being able to call elections whenever it suits them i suppose.

I do find the debates between May and Parliment entertaining though. :+1:

Yeah they tried to formalise recently to only every 5 years, but it’s still not set in stone.

Precedent and tradition tend to rule the day. Unwritten rules and the like.

May isn’t good at PMQ’s. Cameron was.

Most parliamentary legislatures have a system in place to allow for votes of no confidence and to force elections.

That’s one thing I prefer about parliamentary systems over ours. It forces the legislature to form alliances with smaller parties. The people’s voice is better represented.

Our system is at the behest of Republicans and democrats. Smaller parties have no chance.

Not everything is about Trump, Smyrna.

Boris wants to be PM.

Jeez that would be absolutely awful.

Yes, if parliament couldn’t even pass a budget for example, it would be a defacto vote of no confidence.

Boris as PM? Yes.

Perhaps worse than Corbyn, since Corbyn would at least have the Labour PLP holding him back.

When the vote for Brexit happened, it breathed additional hope into the Trump campaign. When Trump won, it breathed life into elections throughout Europe. Many eyes are watching Brexit, the establishment who lost and how the people who voted for Brexit are reacting to the establishment attempting to override the will of those who voted.

Over-ride the will :laughing:.

No-one knows what “the will” is, since most voters didn’t know what leaving the EU could/would look like.

We voted out, but we didn’t vote for how. Neither labour or the tories know what to do, as a hard brexit would be an economic disaster and a soft brexit would piss off half the brexit voters.

Even Farage promised that the UK would stay in the single-market during the campaign, as leaving would be disastrous. Now though…

It seems to me that May holds her own in those debates. I never saw Cameron debate however so I have nothing to compare them with.

“We” voted out…did you or are you referring to the collective?

May did ok at the beginning, but Corbyn is quicker on his feet than he was.

Cameron put both of them to bed. But it’s generally agreed that it’s just a performance act these days, it really needs to change to something more substantive.

I never know when they are going to televise the debates over here so i seldom get to watch them. They are lively though.

I don’t care much for Corbyn personally.


You don’t know what “out” means.

A hard brexit would mean a border between N.Ireland and Ireland (disaster, with a potential reignition of the touibles), tarriffs (taxes) on half of UK imports and exports (disaster), and over a million UK citizens (mostly retirees) living in the EU would lose citizenship status, as would millions of EU workers living in the UK.

Even those in favor of Brexit forecasted a no-deal situation as literally worst case scenario.

Every pro-Brexit campaigner promised this wouldn’t ■■■■■■■ happen. And they’re making it happen.

Neither do I, but May is making this easy for him.

I was asking if you were included in we but…I don’t want to stop you from a good chuckle.

But hey they showed those immigrants. Even if it crashes the English economy.

Brilliantly run country.

Hold Brexit referendum they didn’t want to win: They win it anyway.

Hold election to get bigger majority to negotiate Brexit: They lose seats.

Negotiate Brexit: key Cabinet members quit over it.

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