Uhm, anyone notice the stock market today? 10/10/18


FAKE NEWS!! :roll_eyes:


Are you really saying that libs are crashing the market today?


This post is what I’m can really concerned about.


Yeah the company Amazon is about as capitalistic as a company could ever be. It’s just the whole Donald Trump/Washington Post thing that makes people stupid about who they are.


I just rolled over a couple of 401ks into an IRA, and so roughly 60% if my retirement portfolio is currently in cash, while I figure out what to do with it. Never has a one-day drop bothered me so little.


It would be nice if older people could actually make safe money on bonds again. And yes, it’s all Trumps fault the fed doesn’t think it has to prop up the economy with free federal money any more, bad Trump.


I have no doubt “Some” libs would love to sabotage our economy for election/power.


It’s not the growing deficit, trade wars, tariffs, political propaganda against tech, or myriad of other policies associated with the current administration…

It’s “libs on internet forums”; what a bunch of idiots.


If you aren’t buying gold after a day like today, I don’t know what to say.


Psst, it’s the fed interest hike, do you not get the news?


Sometimes it’s hard to know when you’re serious and when you’re just yanking our chain just to get a rise…


Amazing, billions of other people did not see such an obvious tell and respond before! It’s not thats simple.

But in regards to the “libs did it”, the fed hike is by a Trump nominee anyway.


It’s all a conspiracy man. Can’t you see it. All to punish Trump cultists. Get woke!! :rofl:


I have no doubt you believe that. That sounds like something Spinach would post. I’m not sure you have any idea how the market really works.


Did the Fed raise rates today? Honest question. I’ve been out of pocket.


Lol this is truly silly.


They raised rates on September 26.

The market, with its usual Bruce Lee reactions, responded today.


Okay. Thanks. I knew about the Q3 increase. I just didn’t I understand the argument that a single variable alone would cause this selloff today. But alas, that seemed to be the argument @zantax was going for here.


Yeah they have another rate hike planned before end of year. As to this drop…its expected and needed we have been on a long bull run propelled by fed spending and stimulus.

The hangover from it will be gnarly and these big up and down spikes a new normal, IMO.


Well they are people causing the Stock Market to go down biggley just to hurt Trump. So maybe Aliens or a witch/wizard.