Uhm, anyone notice the stock market today? 10/10/18


Tech and Amazon got filthy rich during Obama years while blue collar workers suffered.

They want the status quo back.


But can we all agree that the Dow dropping over 800 points(more than 3%) and Nasdaq dropping over 300(more than 4%) is worth discussing?


Those extra $40 every paycheck is nothing to sneeze at!


It’s Obama’s fault.

And Hillary’s.




Sigh…and you are serious


YES!!! Which means I can invest more in my 401k!

Thank you President Trump!!


Blame everyone except the idiot in chief who’s been in power for the past two years, too predictable.


Hmmmm. Amazon crashing their own stock, throwing billions in equity down the toilet, in hopes for one good day in November.

I admire the creativity in this thinking.


Not sure why the absolute number is significant. It’s the percentage that matters.




What part of Amazon is extremely liberal? The way they run their warehouse? The way they raised their pay but took away other parts of compensation? Their total capitalistic business model by crushing all competitors? Or is Amazon liberal because the owner also owns the Washington Post?


Also still waiting to see how it was liberal exaggerating against…or is this one of those fake news instance. It so hard to keep track with the ever evolving Trumpist dictionary that changes hour by hour


Closed down 800+… no exaggeration.


3rd worst decline in history.


Fat donald’s tariffs. Greatest negotiator evah!

Continued worries about a slowdown in China’s economy – especially as trade tension with the United States has escalated – were also dragging down the broader market.


Not really, given how high the Dow is now, that would be equal to a 325 point drop in 2008, not good but not something everyone would panic over either. looks like it’s closed down 831, so make that a 415 drop in 2008 or a 250 point drop in 1998. So it’s basically a 3% correction. Or if you prefer, like it had closed down 64 points in 1988. It doesn’t even break the top twenty in terms of percentage drops. Not saying it’s great news but it’s not holy ■■■■ territory by any stretch. They’re ticked the era of free fed money is over, they’ll get over it.


It has emotional value, but it shouldn’t. Just like how ceilings or floors can build around round numbers like 20000 or 1000, I guess


You think it’s not newsworthy? That a 3% drop of 250 points in 1998 would not have been newsworthy?

That is, after all, the claim you’re refuting here.


No, what I was refuting was the holy ■■■■ reference. The news reports the DOW numbers every day.


Millions of people got together and decided to sell low.

This board never disappoints me in how little they know about certain things.