Uhm, anyone notice the stock market today? 10/10/18

What exactly can they do? Besides nothing…

Who’s “they”

Just the market doing what they do. Correction…next week it will go up again.

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sure. They think anything bad for the country is good for them.

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are you sure, are you really really sure?

4th 700 point drop this year (depending on teh final closing numbers). before this year it had only happened once in history

You’re right. 800.

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Hmmmm. Down 826 at the moment.

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Interesting…tech stock and Amazon.

Anyone else see it?

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still above 25000

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Minimum wage?

We never stay at full employment very long. The smart money is moving into cash and bonds with rising interest rates. Wait for the market to pull back

Most tech companies and Amazon are extreme liberal…they will do anything to help their cronies to get back power.

“They”! The “They”! Sabotaging the economy!


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3rd biggest point in history
all 3 have happened this year

That’s a conspiracy theory that is way to far out there. Land your plans, man.

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Are you denying they’re extreme liberal? Are you denying they want their power back?

I am by no means a financial guy but what I have been hearing lately is the market is concerned for inflation. As explained to me, is why the fed is anxious to raise interest rates for fear of an overheated market. More of the better qualified posters feel free to correct or put the details in where they belong.

Yes I am.

Trump bubble about to pop. Say hello to $1trillion+ deficits and seeing your 401k lose 15% or more. But hey you got a tax cut.