UH OH! Judicial Watch ‘BRINGS IT’ with Ethics Complaint Against Cory Booker | Sean Hannity

Government watchdog agency Judicial Watch officially filed an ethics complaint against Democratic Sen. Cory Booker Wednesday; saying the liberal lawmaker violated rules by intentionally flaunting Congressional procedures.

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Make his life miserable. Cory Booger is Queen Slime. New Jersey’s Finest turd.

JUDICIAL WATCH? LOL. They can complain, but cannot ‘bring a complaint.’

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Well Captain Obvious, I really hate to break it down for you like this especially being that you are clearly a genius .
However I would say it is pretty safe to assume that “Complaining” and “Bringing a Complaint” are one in the same and you are definitely “Grasping for Straws” with this comment…

Administrator = This is the best source for Fake News

How is this an 'uh oh?" He KNEW this would likely happen. This wasn’t unexpected, especially from a bunch of hacks like Judicial Watch.

Supposedly they favor transparency in government.

Why would they have a problem with Booker?

I think Retadicus screwed the pooch, and in his zeal to make a name for 2020, like Harris will fade away and be relegated as backbenchers until they are thrown out by the voters.

If he did violate laws or rules the GOP should bring charges. Instead of posturing the GOP should take some of these Senators up on their requests.