Ugly women - Delaware Law

Delaware has a law that states Ugly women must call out ‘ Hideous Hag Coming ‘ before entering a building where men may be.

Here are a few prominent women who should stay out of Delaware unless they are prepared to comply with this law. Out of civility I will not use their names.

*A certain 2016 Democrat presidential candidate

  • A certain former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton.
  • A certain Speaker of the House
  • Two members of the Squad- one with a mouthful of horse teeth. One who wears glasses.

Any more?

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Wow. I had really no idea about ugly laws before this.

They were intended to keep those with physical or mental disabilities from mingling with the general public and make them pariahs.

Pretty awful.

I am glad that we have moved past that nonsense.

Civility stopped you from naming the women you think ought to announce themselves as hideous hags?

Odd, that. Hasn’t stopped him before.

What about Lyin’ Ted’s wife ? She’s only a 4 at best.

This one’s going in the Boomer file.

That’s definitely Hideous Hag territory!


As far as I can tell, this law is still on the books.

Well the laws were used to criminalize disability… good thing we have moved past that.

Is being ugly a disability?

If anyone has ever been prosecuted under this law or knows someone who has, let us know.

I could start listing Republican women as some sort of childish “comeback”, but I can’t even think of one women in your backwards party.

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It was a euphemism.

And even that is high. Why are people so concerned about looks?


Lots of laws are still on the books, unenforceable.


Nope: NCLD: Mr. According to this site, the last of the so-called “ugly laws” was repealed in the US in 1974.
Interestingly, you didn’t bother to mention the Delaware law that stated that ugly men could not go out in public until after dark. Guess that would’ve made it difficult for tRump to do any campaigning during the day in Dover, eh?

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[quote=“vaard, post:26, topic:215909, full:true”]

Progressives have moved forward…

Conservatives yearn for the good old days when this was still acceptable…

Delaware is a solid Democrat state. Every state office as well as it’s senators and Congressman.
Presidentially., In 2016, Delaware voted for a Hideous Hag. I won’t use her name.

The link doesn’t say anything about Delaware’s law or that type of law.
The link uses the term “Ugly Laws”
Ugly laws were designed to get unsightly beggars out of sight- mamed, diseased, deformed etc.

Delaware’s law requires ugly women to announce themselves before entering a building. Not the same thing.

It’s possible the law has been eliminated, but your link doesn’t prove it.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz

hmmm possibly, although I wouldn’t put her in the same company as the Speaker of the House.
Schultz might hang the ugly jury. :slight_smile:

There is a certain congresswoman with a James Brown wig, I forgot to mention.

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