UFC 285 - Return of the G.O.A.T

Anyone else watching the big event tomorrow night?

I’m feeling the hype on this one. It’s not quite the Earth-shattering super fight that Jones vs Ngannou would’ve been, but that future isn’t set in stone, and this fight is truly the next best thing (Not to mention, Her Majesty of the Women’s Flyweight Division, Valentina Shevchenko on the co-main event).

Jon “Bones” Jones is THE greatest martial artist of our time, possibly even in human history (hard truth - there is no reality in which Bruce Lee ever comes close to holding a candle to Jon Jones).

Cyril Gane may have come up short against Ngannou, but he also tore through the heavyweight division’s hardest hitting super stars like they were nothing (again - there is no reality in which Bruce Lee ever comes close to holding a candle to someone like Cyril Gane).

This potential battle of the ages will be for the vacant heavyweight strap. These are true gladiators, and this is what martial arts actually looks like outside of fantasy film.

UFC 285 live weigh-ins start this morning at 10:30 on YouTube. Here’s last night’s pre-fight press conference.

Get 'em a body bag, Jonny! :us:

MMA showed many martial art forms to be ineffective in a real fight.

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I love the UFC. My three favorite channels are UFC, American Heros Channel (AHC) and Military History!

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I’ll be streaming via ESPN+. I have Shevchenko and Jones for the win tomorrow. You?

Ill be streaming from overseas . I have Shevchenko and Jones as well

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Also…PM Sent

Jones didn’t have to make it look THAT easy, good grief. :rofl:

Once Jones got a hold of Gane, it was like watching a body sink deeper and deeper into quick sand.

Here’s the 2 minute fight, recorded from a personal phone in the stands. I think that comes out to something like 4.5 million dollars per minute fought. Not a bad day at the office for the Greatest Of All Time! :+1: