Uber & Lyft Are getting what they Deserve

They have been supporting the left for years & now they are getting put out of business by the left in California.

The radical left is who wants to take over, not the Western European types. It won’t turn us into Germany, it will turn us into Venezuela.

I find it amazing all these big companies who support the left & it will eventually be their undoing. When socialism is finally imposed, they will all be nationalized & their wealth confiscated. They will find themselves in work camps if they aren’t executed. When or if they get out of the camps, they will be a brainwashed worker bee.

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Sir, this is a Wendy’s


Can I get a large iced tea with extra ice?

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The radical left is who wants to take over, not the Western European types. It won’t turn us into Germany, it will turn us into Venezuela.

If you get the extra ice you won’t have as much tea…

Have you seen how big that cup is?


It depends on if you are in De Blasio land…

How have uber and lyft supported the left?

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They support leftist causes, by word, practice & donation.

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By taking people to their destinations, duh.

Real Americans would pull themselves up by their bootstraps and walk to their destination.



Uber is actually kind of frowned upon by my liberal cohorts for a few different reasons.

Another four years another bunch of gloom and doom threads.
And just like 2008 when the Democrats had the WH and Congress, nothing of significance will happen.
The far-left progressives do not control the party.
And as I always say, those who profess our demise, trust in the Constitution.
We are going to be just fine.

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Uber and Lyft, while extremely convenient, are not exactly killing it in their current state.

Their path to profitability is tough as is, and becomes even harder with additional protections if drivers become “full time.” I’ve never thought that they are sustainable in current form.

The Gig economy is coming closer, whether we like it or not, and as a country, we are not at all set up for it - e.g., health care, social security, 401k all being very much driven by employment status.

Single payer and an initial time-of-birth deposit in a private retirement fund for all Americans would both save us money and get us more ready for what is inevitably coming.


Is there one still standing?

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That cannot be raided for any reason and is inherited without tax in the event of untimely death.

It will require an amendment.

How is the viewership of NASCAR, the NBA and MLB right now after these entities joining the political fray?

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You know, I’ve never once used one of these new-fangled ride services. I don’t drink, and I like to walk. Just doin’ my part to protect America from devolving into a Venezuelan Hellscape ™.


Uber and lyft are ride sharing apps… sharing… you know, the thing they do in SOCIALIST countries.

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Sharing is so gay

It’s insane, but they do: https://www.craighuey.com/crazy-uber-ubers-own-donations-go-to-destroy-itself/