U.S.S.A? Socialist Voters FORCING DEMOCRATS to the Far-Left in 2018

Originally published at: U.S.S.A? Socialist Voters FORCING DEMOCRATS to the Far-Left in 2018 | Sean Hannity

A new group of self-avowed socialists are working within the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterm elections to advance their progressive agenda; forcing out centrist candidates as the challengers make a hard lurch towards the left.

The new crop includes NY candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has aligned herself with Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

The two will campaign next week in Kansas and Michigan.

According to Fox News, “a sharply leftist political agenda that once produced eye rolls – on everything from their opposition to capitalism to their questioning the very existence of prisons – has become a serious topic of discussion on social media, and in mainstream political debate.”

“Progressive and socialist candidates who openly reject the neoliberal mainstream Democratic agenda may choose for pragmatic reasons to use the Democratic Party ballot line in partisan races,” said Joseph Schwartz, the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America.

“But whatever ballot line the movement chooses to use, we must always be working to increase the independent power of labor and the left,” he added.

Read the full story at Fox News.

The hard left Venezuela type socialism is now the mainstay of democrat party.

That’s their identity.

If you’re a democrat you’re a hardcore Venezuela socialist.


LOL. not even close. keep on trying…


Denial won’t get you a free pass…people know the truth who and what libs are.

Sorry nope.

Democrat party is party of Antifa and MS-13.

That is who libs have aligned themselves with.

You’ve been brainwashed by Fox “News.”

Which group are you in? Antifa or MS-13?

More people should be anti-fascist. They can be clearly defined. I know punching nazis will seem upsetting but its a tradition.

Which group are you in? Fascists or or sovereign citizens?

Seriously? Face it, man, you’re completely brainwashed. Democrats don’t support MS13, the idea is ridiculous. Trump and the media are lying to you.

Fox news has done a lot to cultivate its image as being the sole voice of reason for a network solely deficated to propaganda. They built up a victim narrative to lure people into trusting only them.

As I am awful fond of saying, the lefter the left goes the righter middle America goes and middle America is the prime electorate.

We watch in amazement as the left spirals ever more quickly down the drain (by their own choice) into the rancid cistern of failed political notions.

And libs aren’t…sorry but I’ll trust Castro before libs and their properganda machine.

And you’e the seeds of cultivation that was done from CBS, NBC and ABC 40/50 years ago when libs realized the power of news media to influenced weak minds.

Of course libs are brainwashed too–propaganda works on both sides. But you shouldn’t repeat nonsense like Democrats support MS13. It’s false, it’s harmful, and it’s preposterous to anyone who thinks about it for more than a second.

Oh look channels i dont watch lol.

But yet you defend libs rushing here to this forum posting their own propaganda.

You’re right, I’m sure I do sometimes. People on both sides need to do better about arguing the issues and not demonizing the other side, including me.