U.S.S.A? Socialist Voters FORCING DEMOCRATS to the Far-Left in 2018 | Sean Hannity

A new group of self-avowed socialists are working within the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterm elections to advance their progressive agenda; forcing out centrist candidates as the challengers make a hard lurch towards the left.

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Sean, you should be more descriptive - “regressive” not progressive please.

Nothing remains of the old far Left that’s extreme to the Left anymore.

That’s why so much looks far right to them, not because others have changed but because they’re so extreme now.

But, hey, I get that they’ll defend Democrat Socialists as not really being socialist because they aren’t -yet- demanding real socialism. It’s a defense of every Menshevik ever. The yet is always implicit. It’s an ideology that never allows you to truly say no to it and will try to never permit a changing of minds should anyone say yes to any of it.