U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

Makes sense if you’re a corporatist ■■■■■■■. We want our children hooked on HFCS at birth and craving happy meals by the time they walk. Won’t somebody think of the corporations!?


All quiet on the orange front.

I guess we’ve found a topic that even the most rabid supporters can’t trumpsplain’.

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Yay! Free market has spoken!

Actually, it has not spoken.

Protectionism is the very opposite of the free market.

Picket’s Charge in slow motion.


Really only one word for this…


this is proof the administration is pure evil.


Can anyone explain why we need a UN resolution for something that is well known and has been well known for decades?

The only exception I can see is to the huge waste of time this is.

Baby formula sales are fine. No need for Enfamile to go bonkers over market share.

I don’t see any reason for either “side” to get uppity over. No need for the US to oppose and no need for the UN to re-invent the value of breast milk.

I guess if you like being told what to do by international quasi-government bureaucrats this would be a burr under your saddle…

When you factor in Russia and then add that companies > individuals, it does make sense.

Sure it does.

Boobs don’t have a lobby. Only thing they are good for is grabbing them after your done with the ■■■■■.

Our country is lost. We are a shameful wreck of greed and excess and in your face opportunism and lies and deceit.

We are worse than a banana republic because we actually have power and strength to not only ruin ourselves, but also the world.

These are dark days and I wonder if we will recover in our lifetime.

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Such a non-big deal that the US threatened a small country over it…

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“Liked” your post only because of the “boob” pun.

Baby formula is a huge health issue in developing and impoverished nations.

Shrugged…Atlas Style.

What difference does a UN resolution make?

Spread the word. Breast milk is best. Should be an easy sell with formula so outrageously priced.

Another example of the incredible stupidity of the Trump admin.

everyone knows that breastfeeding is best for a newborn.

There is no debate.

Yep Trump is on the formula side.

Raised all his kids on Formula and looked how they turned out.



If it doesn’t make a difference, why were we threatening sanctions if the country that introduced it didn’t withdraw it?