U.S. militia groups head to border

Rednecks with guns and itchy trigger fingers, how could anything go wrong. :roll_eyes:

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Ginned up on talk of protecting 'Merica from an invasion.

An invasion that includes Muslim terrorists! George Soros paid!

I think bourbon’d up would have been a better way to put it. :wink:

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If the duck dynasty guys were smart they could make millions off this.

I might have to go buy a van, get a temporary liquor license, drive down there and operate a mobile bar.

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Totally. Tea Partu unite. Wait all I care about is brown people

I’ve been preaching that for years. Get rid of the incentive to come here, and they won’t.

It pisses me off that both parties aren’t doing ■■■■ about this, but more pissed off at Republicans since they control all three branches.

The incentive is higher–paying jobs than they have at home. How are you going to get rid of that?

If employers won’t hire them, well it’s less pay than they were getting at home.

Except, they will. It’s not an accident that the right is not calling for a shutdown of companies that hire illegals. Wonder why that is.

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I call for a shutdown as last resort . . .

First strike they fire all they can’t confirm that have legal right to work.
Second strike they are fined and have to fire
Third strike, a fine large enough to let them know it’s serious (like 10 x the yearly wage the employee’s were making. example, they have 8 employee’s making 25k a year, they are hit will a million dollar fine)
Fourth strike, the owner/ceo/president is brought up on charges and third strike fine imposed x 2 (so instead of a million dollars for 8 employees it would be 2 mill).
fifth offenes, the company is shut, it’s asest seized and sold.

You’re not a legislator. Your party has no interest in penalizing employers.

Dems need a new playbook… Same stuff every election. No solutions, just yell racism…

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Calling all patriots. /sarc

No jobs…no illegal immigration…lol

Hiring illegals is THE Problem…not a secondary one.


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So I guess there will be 18,19,20 soon

He’s like the punk in high school that runs around behind everybody’s back and gets them in fights. He just does it publicly.

No. They (lib posters) don’t care about breaking our laws when it fits their ideology. They are only outraged that Trump would dare try to enforce our laws.
As for these guys, that’s happened before. It will probably waste some peoples time being sure they stay away from anywhere they could do damaged. They will get bored and go home after a while.