U.S. militia groups head to border

This is not going to end well.


Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in President Trump’s warnings about threats to American security posed by caravans of Central American migrants moving through Mexico. They’re packing coolers and tents, oiling rifles and tuning up aerial drones, with plans to form caravans of their own and trail American troops to the border.

I feel for the Border Patrol. Now they not only have to deal with processing the members of the caravan, they have to deal with these knuckle heads as well.

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No surprise. Once that call went out that Trump was arming the border I figured all the Bundy types would head for it. Seems like there’s a bunch of Americans just itching to shoot some border jumpers.

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Hey, when the savior of Christianity calls for arming the border with the military, God-fearing Americans have a duty to show up and help out.


People are calling it an invasion. This is what happens when America is invaded. Good patriotic men and women are going to defend America, even if it pisses off the libs.

Soros is funding the militias too…

Stirring up the pot.


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It’ll be a modern miracle if nobody gets killed. If someone does however, I doubt many Trump supporters will care.

They’re brown invaders, they deserve it.

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Sounds like what Jesus would do for sure.

Wasn’t jesus brown?

Blasphemy! - Megyn Kelly


No. He was from South Carolina.


No. He was the spitting image of Constantine the Great.

Whatever happened to The Minutemen? Several years ago they were talkig about doing border patrols.

There was spotty Internet connectivity.


What a shame that illegal immigration has gone on for so long, the federal government not doing their job, cities across the country working against legal immigration…attempting to pose themselves as righteous by labeling themselves as “sanctuary cities”, all while many hard working Americans’ taxes are being used to perpetuate this criminal behavior. Now look…citizens are rising up against this travesty of injustice because they’ve had enough. Although I don’t agree, I surely can understand the motivation.

Meanwhile, millions of illegal immigrants keep getting hired by individuals/corporations with no repercussions whatsoever.

Agreed my friend…that also is a problem that should be dealt with.

Not sure how the militias feel they will be any help, running around outside of the command chain, without proper situational awareness :roll_eyes:

Or maybe the militias intend to drive out into the wilderness and scout for illegals themselves. These men will have no authority other than the guns they are carrying, so any encounter will start in a bad place.

Well, that’s not true at all.