U.S. House will draft Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, Speaker Pelosi announces

WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday that the House of Representatives would begin drafting impeachment articles against President Trump, pushing ahead with a rapid timetable that could set the stage for a vote before Christmas to charge him with high crimes and misdemeanors.
Wrapping her announcement in the words of the Constitution and the nation’s founders, Ms. Pelosi said it had become clear over the course of two months of investigation that Mr. Trump had violated his oath of office by pressing a foreign power for help in the 2020 election. Allowing Mr. Trump to continue in office without remedy, she said, would come at “the peril of our republic.”
“His wrongdoing strikes at the very heart of our Constitution,” Ms. Pelosi said in a formal address lasting less than six minutes, delivered against a backdrop of American flags from the balcony outside her office in the Capitol. “Our democracy is what is at stake. The president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt, once again, the election for his own benefit.”

Its on.

Somebody did not watch the Constitutional perversion on display yesterday.

Run with it…sharp end UP.


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Nobody watched it.

Anyways meh… they should have waited and let more info come out about rudy and Ukraine.


The timing of everything is key here. When will the final vote take place? Then how long before the Senate gets up and running to do a trial? During trial, Warren and Sanders (and Booker and Klobuchar) will have to recuse themselves from the campaign trail.

The GOP has a strong choice- go quick and try and limit the witnesses to a few folks- or open it up to mass weirdness (Hunter, Schiff, etc). I’m guessing they go the conservative route.

Finally, they’re almost about to do it! :rofl:


Judging by the poor reactions of the radical Pam Karlan to R questioning yesterday I would encourage the Senate to be mindful and deliberate and call some witnesses.

Returning to reality Pam Karlan was the exception. Everyone else will be smart enough to clam up.

It is the House that is abusing power and trying to influence the 2020 election.



They will call witnesses- ones peripherally related to this case that will help mimic GOP talking points. I doubt they will go full loco and bring Hunter, Schiff and others in- that could actually harm their cause.

My guess- a dozen GOP softball witnesses and about three Dem witnesses (not from the Executive branch) that testified at the House impeachment. Three weeks start to finish- no GOP members vote for conviction.

Good…send it to the senate. :sunglasses:

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The R don’t really like Trump much either.

They will just go through the motions and get this done…You know watch and calendar style.

Quicker the better.


They have no idea how furious and united the R party is right now.

The Senate has been forced to clean up the mess the house made in the secret bunkers.



Thats my guess. Some of the bomb throwers want a protracted trial that will dredge up every Biden/Burisma conspiracy theory while dragging the Bidens, the whistleblower and Schiff into this. But if I was a GOP member I would strongly caution against that as a stupid exercise that could seriously backfire. The smarter play is to get er done quick as possible.

Not united enough. Collins, Murkowski and Romney will not allow the trial to be a total sham. They will push for Dem witnesses, just not a lot.

Quick is the way to go.

You can at least count on Mitt.


Yes you folks can. He is also smarter than the average bomb thrower. He knows how to maximize political gains out of situations.

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I imagine that Senate Democrats will get plenty of time to question Republican witnesses- and they may spend a lot of it reading from the House impeachment evidence instead of actually asking questions. That will be their best play.

He is a champ at packing a station wagon for a long vacation drive too.

He understands Pelosi’s urgency and will help his old pal out.

Soil up Trump just enough to lose those blue wall delegates in 2020, but not so much that folks get suspicious and start snooping around asking all kinds of questions.


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Quick is best.

A one day judiciary hearing with a 75% radical panel…No monkey business.

Get er done.


Schiff will almost certainly be a house impeachment manager… Very unlikely he can be called…

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Delivering an impeachment address with the same emotion and tenor as one would have in a hostage video probably won’t grow smiles in tomorrow’s morning staff meeting.

Anyone bother to parse her speech and note the number of times she inferred regal rhetoric?

Does President Trump govern as a king?

He governs with more Congressional collaboration than we saw from the past administration.

Anyone bother to carefully read the speech and find the references to crimes and then find no mention of an actual criminal accusation?

It was tough to get past the reading it for the first time tone. When you do you find the rhetoric weak and disorganized.

Specifically…In the course of today’s events it becomes necessary for us to address among other grievances the president’s failure to faithfully execute the law…

Which law? Why be vague here and not just say what law?