U.S. Farm-Export Prices Drop Most Since 2011


"Prices for U.S. farm exports dropped in July by the most in more than six years as a trade war with China heated up, Labor Department figures showed Tuesday.

Agricultural export prices fell 5.3 percent from the prior month, the biggest drop since October 2011, as soybean prices plummeted 14.1 percent. Export prices for corn, wheat, fruits and nuts also slumped in July. The overall export price index dropped 0.5 percent, the most since May 2017, the department said. The figures exclude the price effect from any tariffs."

I really don’t know how these people are going to vote. I would guess it would be against policies that are hurting them.

@Abracadabra this is the effects of tariffs. So tell us how this good.

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That explain it well enough?

So what caused the bigger drop in Oct 2011?

An Argentinian bumper crop. If I recall correctly, even after that drop, prices were still 20-30% higher than they are now.

Dairy is taking an even bigger hit in a business that was already pretty weak.

This trade war was very poorly timed. A lot of small time family farmers are going to go out of business.


So farmers and businesses should go bankrupt and loss of future contracts are good.

Grain farmers are already saying this Jimmy Carter all over again.

Yes…have you been paying attention to their bumper crop this year…also massive increase of soybean planting next year.

SAO PAULO, Brazil (DTN) – Brazilian farmers are finishing their soybean harvesting, with 71% done nationally. Mato Grosso farmers almost finished their fieldwork, completing 99% of their soybean harvest by last week while, in the south, Rio Grande do Sul farmers have cut just 25% of their beans.

“We finished our harvesting weeks ago with a very good yield,” said Ricardo Arioli Silva. “Most of the farmers in our state see a 5% to 10% higher yield compared to last year, others may be even higher.” Silva farms more than 2,000 hectares (about 5,000 acres) of land with his brother in Campo Novo do Parecis in Mato Grosso. He claims his yield is 15% higher than last year.

Notice the date on this article. April 6 2018

I know you’re desperate to find some reason to blame other than tariffs, but no one else is buying it.

They’re eating our lunch.

Don’t know if they will or won’t. Farmers Might find a new buyer (since china is buying from someone else now, the people they were supplying will be looking for the product).

Just have to wait and see how it plays out. In the long run if we can get tarrif’s on are products we export reduced, and get china to crack down on theft of intelectual property it will pay huge dividends.

Are you denying South America bumper crop this year isn’t effecting prices?

Exactly. Funny how commodities work.

Alot of these tariffs are retaliatory tariffs.

As I posted in the trade war thread even the heritage foundation showed there was mechanisms for addressing grievances that have not been used without damaging American farms and businesses.

A better question is whether the bumper crop is affecting prices in South America. China is paying Brazil 20% more per ton of soybeans than they pay us.

Are you denying that tariffs aren’t affecting the profitability of US farmers?

Funny how you avoided answering my question.

In 2011 you said they had bumper crop yield for price drop.

I pointed out that they had bumper year again this year and you ignored it.


Is their a point you’re trying to make? Crops is a commodity. Do you understand what is a commodity?

Not to the extent that the tariffs are affecting prices.

South American traders are getting great prices. They are also buying the soybeans from US farmers for a low price.

Things level itself out…except China is ending up paying more.

I don’t know the answer and I think it’s the wrong question for the situation. If you do have answer, please share it.

There is a large price spread between US and South American soy beans. If the drop in US prices were because of a bumper crop in South America, then you’d expect the price in South America to drop at the same time. That’s not necessarily guaranteed to happen since just a few months ago, South American export prices were substantially higher than US export prices. I don’t know if export prices have dropped in South America. The most recent month of data I can find is May 2018.

It means China is willing to pay more to punish United States for their soybeans.

Yeah, no kidding. It’s also exactly what I said would happen.