U.S Court: You don't have a right to an education

in a ruling this week it was ruled you don’t have a right to a proper education.

On Friday, dumped out with the least desirable news of the week came word that a lawsuit arguing that Detroit students were being denied an education had been dismissed.

Perhaps you remember the case. MT presented a cover story about it last year. With the help of a public interest law firm, a handful of Detroit students charged in federal court that educational officials in Michigan — including Gov. Rick Snyder — denied them access to an education of any quality.

The lawsuit took pains to illustrate how Detroit’s schools — run under a state-appointed emergency manager — were a welter of dysfunction: overcrowded classrooms, lack of textbooks and basic materials, unqualified staff, leaking roofs, broken windows, black mold, contaminated drinking water, rodents, no pens, no paper, no toilet paper, and unsafe temperatures that had classes canceled due to 90-degree heat or classrooms so cold students could see their breath.

An illiterate uneducated Nation snd workforce is the goal

such people vote Democrat.

But in Detroit, Democrat Hillary Clinton trounced Trump, winning 95% of the vote to his 3%

oh yeah… they kinda overachieve when they vote too… delivering more votes than there are voters.


Same old stuff from the left, thinking a right is a right to take money from others for your own use. You have a right to get an education, not to be given one at someone else’s expense. Tell these students to point the finger at their own parents and themselves. In any case, if their schools are in bad shape and they aren’t getting an education, it isn’t due to lack of money, as of 2012-2013 Detroit, Michigan and the Fed was spending $13,825 per student. Our local district spends far less, $8,331 and the schools are in great shape and 94% of our kids graduate and it is ranked 44th out of 812 Ohio schools.


When I read the article and looked at everything that was being blamed, I missed seeing the most important thing on the list…parenting. The failings of today are the direct result of parents not caring about their children’s education. Mayhem breaks loose. Teachers become afraid for their lives. They are not allowed to discipline. When parents are notified of disruptive behavior of their child, the behavior continues. Those that do want and desire an education are disrupted in the classroom by those that do not. Often, in this culture, a child desiring an education is labeled an “Uncle Tom” and ridiculed by their peers. This is more the failure of parents than the system and until this is directly addressed, no amount of money can fix it…period.


As proven over and over again in places like D.C., which spends a whopping 30k per student with dismal results. No amount of money can overcome a students unwillingness to learn.


I am so tired of listening to lazy people who believe that money fixes everything and ignore the “sweat factor”.


Of course maybe the problem is that Libs don’t like all that white privilege that comes with learning.

Give back the money.

Sorry, not following you.

I’m sure there are some people in the district who either don’t have kids or have kids who graduated, so give them their money back.

That isn’t within my power. But even if it was, no, they also benefit from educated citizens. And in our district they at least recieve what they pay for.

It takes a village.

So your a hypocrite, got it.

How so? That they are given it doesn’t make it a right. I pay for my daughters college education, but they aren’t entitled to it, it is a privilege I grant them and not a right.

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Ok…as soon as they give the money back to the generation that educated them? Sounds fair…right?

Yeah, especially when illegals get cheaper tuition rates than US citizens.

Besides building strawmen, if you were a pig, I’d wager you’d build your house of straw.


Um… I’m going to need a source on that one…