U.S. calls Russia deployment of planes to Venezuela 'reckless escalation'


“The United States condemns Russia’s deployment of military aircraft and personnel to Caracas, which is another contradiction of both Nicolas Maduro’s and Russia’s calls for non-intervention in Venezuela and is a reckless escalation of the situation,” a State Department spokesman said.

Is it just me or is it really weird that we get more mad at Russia these days for what they do/attempt to do in other countries versus what they do/attempt to do in the United States?

Anyway, Russia sent their military and some military personnel to Venezuela. They’re going to try to do the exact opposite of what the United States wants.

I just find it funny that Trump’s whole policy toward Russia is a few sternly worded letters and a whole bunch of bromance butt kissing.

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See this is different because, er, this is meddling in our backyard whereas in our elections, um, every country does that, and besides there’s no proof, and you know Clinton, and oh yeah you think our country’s so innocent, and Putin said there was no interference, he said that very very strongly and did I mention Clinton?


He’ll crack down on our allies though.

I’m 100% positive that fat donald is going to impose some heavy sanctions on Putin.

Fake news. Nobody disrespects Donald Trump.


I want to hear the President say these words.

Yeah, Democrats are a weird bunch that’s for sure. They keep trying to blame the current President for what happened during the previous Presidents Administration regarding Russian attempts in our elections. And on the other side of their wonky scale they try to take credit for the GREAT things happening under the current President that didn’t happen under the previous President. :crazy_face::roll_eyes::crazy_face:

What do you think trump should do regarding this issue other than a few sternly worded letters?

No collusion! Only thing i care about

There was only one president at the time when russians sent out social media messages during our election. His name was hussein obama, aka the kenyan ladyboy, aka vlad’s flexible puppet.

Take it up with him.

You’d think someone would have asked him about it by now. You could be the first.

Lololol obama is living rent free in your noggin

How many presidents do you think we had in 2016??

Tell us, I know you love to criticize Trump, how would you like Trump to act in this situation? What is the best solution for this provocative act? How would you like him to act, right now, where you would say, ‘you know, that is a good way to respond to this.’ Do you want him to actually get in a shooting war with Russia? Give us a good solution since apparently you think it is easy.

Hmm was he butt kissing when he sent armaments to Ukraine to help them fight the Russians in defense of their country. And it wasn’t Obama buttkissing who actually failed to give Ukrainians the weapons they were asking for. Or was it buttkissing when we actually killed about 1000 to 3000 Russians in Syria under Trump. Obama is the one who whispered, I’ll have more freedom to do what you want after the election, was it not? Obama is the one who let Russians come in, and get troops in Syria, you know the ones that Trump sent our military to kill, they were put in there during Obama. Obama canceled Missile defense to Poland and Czechoslovakia, not Trump. The Obama who did nothing when Crimea was invaded. Trump has done its best to arm Poland. Trump has sold Patriot Missiles to Poland, is that buttkissing Russia. Trump has tried to get Nato Allies to up their percentage of money spent on their own defense, yea, he gets them mad for not putting in for their own defense. Yea, they get mad when he wants them to put more money into their own defense. Is that buttkissing Russia? And he tells the allies, specifically Gernany to buy our natural gas, instead of Russia, because that makes them vultnerable to blackmail by Russia. Not wanting them to be vulnerable to blackmail by Russia, is that buttkissing Russia?

For starters, fat donald should immediately impose heavy sanctions on Russia.Do you agree?

I’d get tougher than that with my “big stick”.

Sure, but that doesn’t have as much of an impact as European Countries on Russia. Trump has told Germany to not build a pipeline for natural gas, to make them dependent on them, but Germany wants to become dependent on Russia’s natural gas, Trump is against that and rightly makes note of us putting bunches of American troops in Germany while Germany wants to expand their dependence on Russia. Germany has much more trade with Russia then we do, extra sanctions on them is nothing compared to Germany, and Germany becoming a cash cow for Russia if they build the pipeline. Trump has threatened a sanction on the company that is behind that pipeline, has much more of an impact than our sanctions on them, as 'Germany already has more than double the trade that we do with Russia.

We’re discussing Venezuela! Not European countries. I am glad you agree with my suggestion (heavy sanctions) though.