U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links

Jennifer Robinson, a lawyer, told the court that she had attended a meeting between Assange, then Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and pro-Trump troll Charles Johnson at Assange’s hide-out, the Ecuadorian embassy in London, on August 15, 2017.

I’m surprised that Assange didn’t jump at this, lying jerk that he is. Also, Rohrabacher- the rumors were true.

“The US admits” ?

Not in that article.

Firm it up, it’s garbage.

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Chuck Johnson also traveled to London with Rohrabacher.

This story has been around for a while but it’s now verified by Assange’s lawyer.

John Kelly gots some ‘splaining to do.

“In September, the Wall Street Journal reported on Rohrabacher’s conversation with Kelly, but both Kelly and Rohrabacher declined to comment at the time”

After Robinson read her testimony in a London courtroom on Friday, lawyers representing the U.S. accepted the witness statement as accurate and confirmed they had no intention of cross-examining the claim.

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James Lewis, who was representing the U.S. government, said: “The position of the government is we don’t contest these things were said. We obviously do not accept the truth of what was said by others.”

Rohrabacher. The congressman who had such close ties with Russia they gave him a code name. He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name. - The New York Times

We already know Russia was the source. Therefore, Assange was asked to lie for a pardon.

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And I think it’s plausible that he got his marching orders from Putin acting as a liaison for Trump.

I can’t believe this treasonous clown was working for Putin out in the open and no one did anything about it…un ■■■■■■■ believable.

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How did the e-mails hurt Hillary?

That was in the article. It said “the e-mails that hurt hillary”, so it’s part of the thread. So, how did they hurt Hillary?

I would think dems would want to know the source…

and all people who believe in free speech should be wondering why he’s being jailed…

LOL- we know the source.

So much smoke…odd that people continue to deny the fire.


You do?.. Then link me!!!

Guccifer 2.0 was the source.

Who was Guccifer 2.0?

There is no link there…

Odd that Hillary broke the laws and Assange is in jail for printing it…

So, was Assange considered a right winger before he released the Truth or only afterwards?