U Of M offering 10$ classes just not for their students

U of M announced a new program allowing baby boomers to take classes for 10$ per credit… the average student spend 25,000$ on a four year degree at the same school.

MINNESOTA — The average amount of student loan debt a graduate has from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is $26,568. That number is even higher for graduates of the state’s other public universities.

That may explain the outrage that poured after NBC Nightly News produced a story on how baby boomers — people born between 1944 and 1964 — are taking classes at the University of Minnesota for just $10 per credit.


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Back in mahhh day

I don’t really see less than 27k in debt for a four year education as that big a problem.


They are offering the same education for less then 1,000$.

So its a matter of jealousy.
First, unlike what some in the article were complaining about, a four year education for less than 27k is not “unaffordable”.
Second, some seniors might take a handful of courses…how many are going to get a full four year college education?
I’m not favoring necessarily Minnesota’s give away to senior, I’m just not favoring the whining about it.

Where is the crushing debt?

People have a right to be super pissed that their tax money is going to another Boomer who didn’t pay into the system.

Pay the ticket for the ride or don’t get on.

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Fifteen years from now, some boomer who has managed not to die by then will be the first one to walk at graduation under this program.

Will we be outraged? Or will we celebrate his/her perseverance?

Only time will tell.


It’s not a matter of jealousy. Its a matter of fairness. The tuition should be the same for all students.

I have a co-worker whose tuition was $8 a credit hour in the 60s. He then helped created this mess of a system. Pay the piper, Old Man!

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  1. How did this boomer not “pay into the syatem”

  2. How is tax money being used?

  3. Aren’t millennials all about “free college”?

Boomers are the most selfish generation in this countries history.


Most “boomers” paid into the system for decades.

I doubt very much that any boomer is going for a full four year degree. Why would they? Most likely they are taking a few courses that interest them.

Precisely, Doug.

This about the school looking to make some extra cash. They are trying to attract a clientele to their product who would otherwise have no interest in it at their usual rates.

These are by and large just people looking for something to do. Their not looking to get a four year degree so they can go get a full time job.

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Just like the US kids get “Out of State” Rates while an “Illegal”, who isnt even supposed to be here, gets “in state” rates?

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Or not really give a crap one way or the other.

Right. Outrage has already moved three issues down the line.