Typical spoiled brats that work in our federal goverment

True. And if you use better sources, you have to come up with the fact that the Inspector General of the USDA is investigating as to whether or not Sonny even has the authority to move agency bureaus.

He probably doesn’t. Probably only Congress can, so this is just chum for Donnie’s masses.

Well, a lot of extracurricular activities and regular networking opportunities are much easier to come by in places where more people live.

Skills, friends, and teachers who will be useful for the child’s professional life can’t be so easily acquired by playing outside in the fresh air. It’s very easy for children to fall behind and have their talents wasted by living in the wrong place.

Keep going…I like the direction this is going.

I think they are more upset they need to sell their houses, and move their families.

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I’m wondering why there aren’t more conservatives working for the farmers, if that pic is all libs.

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Its never a “pleasure” to move across the country for your job, when your young and single moving isn’t a big deal when your older and starting a family moving sucks.

Hell no. You have to take your kids out of their schools, away from their friends. You have to leave your friends and any family you may have in the area…

I do want to do an aside, that Kansas City MO has thrown me off many times. What a bunch of city naming jerks.

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Why not? I’d purchase and train a bird dog. I’d get to know the farmers I’m serving and get permission to hunt. Learn to clean your game and prepare it beautifully, always finding new recipes to serve your loved ones. Teach them about gun safety and how to navigate in open land. You’ll also find that common courtesy is more common. There are many things I can find that would be better than living in DC. That said, I can do the same in reverse. What ever hand I’m dealt, I’ll play it to the very best of my ability and not bitch about it.

and what if your wife, kids can’t move. (special needs, etc)

I don’t like the direction. I guess you’ll call me elitist for telling you reality.

and what if your wife said “I don’t want to move, I want to stay close to my family to help with the kids”

Exactly. You may or may not feel a duty to move, but unless you really want to relocate to a particular place, it’s likely not a “pleasure”.

Do you feel bad for the people who have to kill their dogs cause they have to move?


If that’s your limited mindset…then maybe? I’ve already done this and know…you are wrong.

The move will happen, according to the Washington Post.

But current employees of the two agencies, several Democratic lawmakers and a bipartisan coalition of former USDA leaders warned that the move, more than 900 miles from Washington, would devastate the two agencies.

“This is not just a change of address,” said Jack Payne, University of Florida’s senior vice president for agriculture. “It cuts NIFA off from the collaboration with other federal funding agencies in D.C. that are its major partners.”

The workers’ unions will fight the move. Good.

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Tell that to Mitch McConnell please.


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

You can find places to do that not far from DC.

I know a lot of people who move around for work, and their family life is ■■■■ because of it.
a lot of dead marriages and a lot of unhappy kids.

So you love moving?