Two U.S. Senators applying for bailout money for farmers under White House program

“Grassley, a farmer for most of his life, defended his plan to seek bailout money and said he has been a consistent advocate for farmers. Grassley said in April that he warned Trump at a White House meeting of the harm being felt by farmers and ranchers and said the administration “has a responsibility to help those Americans and mitigate the damage it caused,” according to a news release."

I guess if you’ve been a farmer you need to get those Obama phones to other farmers when things get rough due to Trump’s trade wars.

On a good note, it appears that the North Korean market has been opened up to US farmers. As soon as North Koreans get two nickels to rub together they will buy some New York Strips.

Trump and the GOP is actually DOING things the RW media falsely accused Obama and the D’s of doing.

So absurd.

if you actually know Trump Republicans, i mean REALLY know them, none of this stuff is surprising. many of them are way worse than what Hillary described. by light years.

Trump is draining the swamp by making swamp creatures rich. It’s part of his eleventh dimensiony strategy

i guess socialism isnt so bad anymore…

I’d be more surprised if they DIDN’T do this, given the complete lack of morality they’ve displayed over the last ten years.

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Hmmmmm. Upon further reflection…………….

Both these guys warned Trump about this. Had they been all gung ho about the tariffs and then applied for the aid in question, that would be bad.

Democrats made em do it, it’s not their fault honest

Remember the auto bailout and cons freaking about that

This is just another clinton conspiracy.

Screw the farmers. If they can’t sustain a profit, why should we bail them out? If they go out of business, its just the result of capitalism. Strong succeed and weak perish.

pretty much…

That was back when bailouts were considered not cool. Now bailouts are cool.

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You mention the Republican by name and not the Democrat?