Two Sides of the Same Coin

Joe withholds a billion in financial aid to Ukraine to protect Hunter.

Donald withholds hundreds of millions to Ukraine until they spill on Hunter.

We thought the swamp was getting drained!! Pot meet Kettle. :us::elephant:

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Except the Biden story is wildly out of context, and that’s the point, the less people know the better it is for Trump. So it’s Biden Biden Biden corruption ukraine Biden corrupt Biden ukraine hunter biden corrupt biden biden biden. and nothing about the circumstances around things.


One problem with your theory, there was no quid pro quo for Trump and his family.

Ukraine, now under an anti Putin Gov’t got the aid package without launching a new investigation and there was no return “favor”.;

Get your logic and reason out of here! This is Trumpland, we don’t use such things!



I tried to explain that in another thread and got the classic ‘‘fake news’’ reply then a whole lot of jibber jabber. Trumpheads don’t like facts.


Because Hunter didn’t really break any laws. It was the classic “don’t bribe me, bribe my family” thing many politicians think is ok.

They can’t give the money to Joe… that would be a bribe! So they take real good care of his kid, give him an outlandish salary for a job he doesn’t come close to qualifying for.

You think Joe REALLY cares if some justice in the Ukraine is a sleazeball? Or is it more likely that Joe cared that said sleazeball was investigating his sons sweatheart source of money?


Why did Trump withhold the funds that were approved by Congress?
What changed his mind to release the funds?

Because how the left reacts to the suspicion, when it applies to one of their own with video proof, becomes publicly comparable to their behaviour when the suspicion was projected against those not their own without any proof, and their obvious hypocrisy will publicly indict them.


Shall we just summarize this as the Trump administration to cowardly to indict Hunter?

Umm. He’s anti-globalist. He’s not as stupid as your regular globalists among the Democrats and the Republicans. Don’t assume you are the ultimate measure of “clever”.

You probably will. I wouldn’t.

Then why are they not indicting Hunter Biden?

you misspelled “to oust a corrupt prosecutor that was soliciting bribes and was wanted out of his position by the US and several EU governments.”


Hunter was on the Board of a handful of organizations prior to Burisma. Can you explain why you think he wasn’t qualified? What responsibilities as a board member did he lack the qualifications for?

It was the official foreign policy position of the US, several EU governments and NGOs to get him removed. There was no active investigation into Burisma at the time.

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LOL! You don’t really believe this, do you?

Wait until D voters see this one…They will be pulling the lever for Sanders or Warren instead.

Biden made Ukraine fire top prosecutor investigating son’s firm – report - YouTube

Is Russian Today your daily news source?


I was hoping that you would notice.

Russia vs Ukraine and the truth still comes out.


Lol… I’m just curious why you choose that news source? Native language?