Two questions about the MI protestors

  1. Could someone explain to me the nexus between protesting stay at home orders i teh face of a pandemic and the need to bring guns to said protest? If one feels compelled to protest these orders, why the need to dress up like a soldier of fortune? What’s connection?

  2. There is a pic in the article of a guy getting in the face of a police officer and screaming - I find it to be very disrespectful and frankly, dangerous. that’s a perfect way to transmit COVID-19. These officers are doing their job. Does anyone think that’s appropriate?

Did they break the law??

Wisconsin 2011.

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But you didn’t answer either of my questions.

I think you answered it.


when they start smashing out storefronts and atms and committing various other acts of domestic terrorism, c’mon back


Weird, there are no lib threads at all like this when it comes to their little Antifa sisters.

Respect the police? What a convenient talking point.




I realize it is legal.

The question is, what is the nexus


Is the protestor’s behavior toward that LEO appropriate in your opinion.

Could you answer the two questions in the OP?

We had days worth of discussions about Antifa.

Can you explain the need to wear a gun to a protest about stay at home orders?

Do you feel the treatment of the LEO is the pic is appropriate?

It’s OK when a leftist yells disrespectfully at the cops. That’s (D)ifferent. :rofl:


i just said this in another thread, but the left lives in their own fantasy narratives, complete with their own versions of “reality.”

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the left calls that “freedom of speech”

if it protests something the left hates, then it’s “hate speech”


Of course they do. It’s only w(R )ong when those icky conservatives do it. :wink:


Gotta love the newfound respect and concern for the safety of officers.

Not to mention “pigs in a blanket. Fry em like bacon.”


Funny don’t see anyone in that picture feeling the need to carry guns and to dress up and play soldier…

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of course not. they just throw rocks, use ball bats. bombs, and other things not protected by the constitution

is it still “funny?”


Look at the headline…and then read the first sentence of the article.

Coronavirus: Armed protesters enter Michigan statehouse

Hundreds of demonstrators, a few of them armed, gathered in Lansing and many did not wear masks or socially distance.

Once again…you’re eating sheople food and regurgibleeting it in your l’il circle you travel in just like the shepherds planned. You really are a good sheople. Now say it…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. :sunglasses:

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  1. How do you know that’s a leftist? What protest is that picture from?

No, it’s not OK - I think that kind of behavior is terrible. Those LEO aren’t representing any issue you are protesting. They are there to keep the peace and force laws. That’s it. They don’t deserve to be shouted at.

That’s my opinion.

What is yours?

And, as a gun enthusiast, canyon help me to understand the nexus between protesting stay at home orders and the desire to dress up with a bullet proof vest, and a rifle, and all the other trimmings?

If it was a 2nd amendment rally, of course that makes sense. I just don’t understand how the outfit advances the cause of arguing to lift stay at home orders.

Do you have any insight?

Libs aren’t disrespectful like those barbaric conservatives.

They are refined, cultured, and only go after the weak and/or elderly, like a good lib would.


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That has already been long established. :wink:

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