TWO PRESIDENTS? Venezuela’s Maduro CLINGS to Power, US Backs Opposition Leader

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Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro is outright dismissing international calls for his opposition leader to assume control of the government; accusing the United States of attempting to steal his nation’s “oil, gas, and gold.”

Maduro’s comments come hours after the Trump administration recognized Juan Guaido as the ‘Interim President’ of Venezuela; saying the socialist regime has lost all credibility after years of economic and political chaos.

“We know that this will have consequences,” said Guaido as he was ushered to an unknown location to avoid arrest.

“Don’t trust the gringos,” screamed Maduro at the presidential palace. “They don’t have friends or loyalties. They only have interests, the nerve and the ambition to take Venezuela’s oil, gas and gold.”

The military has seemingly backed Maduro during the ongoing crisis, but cracks are beginning to show in his regime’s loyalty. Just last week, a rogue national guard unit defected; fleeing into neighboring countries after breaking from Maduro’s government.

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