Two Navy SEALs, two Marines charged in murder of Green Beret

I have been following this story for quite a while and glad to see the military evidently has enough evidence to move forward with prosecution.

The names of the SEALS and Marines are not yet publicly available. Evidently the culprits broke into Army Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar’s room while he was asleep, ambushed and strangled him.

I believe all four could face the death penalty.

I was just wondering about this story last week. Thanks for the update…Jesus ■■■■■■■ Christ though…

What? Didn’t you read their version? They were just wrestling and the next thing ya know…he stops breathing. I mean…they tried CPR…they said. What?

I had only heard about this on the radio on a noisy construction site and didn’t get many details and it left me wondering WHO THE HELL COULD STRANGLE A GREEN BERET?

Now I get it, it took four badasses to do it. Damn.

It took 4 of them…