Two More States Began Early Voting Process Yesterday, 9/14/20

The 2 states that started early voting yesterday were

Kentucky - Mailed out ballots, and
Pennsylvania - Began in-person early voting

The two joined North Carolina which began mailing out ballots on September 4th.

And these 3 states have begun this process without the benefit of having a single presidential debate beforehand.

It should be noted that President Trump requested multiple times to have the debate schedule moved up, but his opponent and the debate commission both declined to accommodate his requests.

but the voters still have the entire election season available to them for voting… correct?

Who said otherwise??

But one party has been pushing for their voters to bank their votes early. It’s the same party that refused the request to move the debate schedule up.

Uninformed voters…

okay. yet the voters still have the entire election season to cast their vote. chances are people who will vote this early wouldn’t be swayed to change their vote anyway

Personally, I don’t have any issues with this.

Hmmm. Only one party has been pushing their voters to bank their votes early? Are you sure about that? Because I’m sure I can find a whole lot of Republicans pushing their voters to vote as soon as they can. Or were you talking about the Republican party?

The earliest voters are likely to be some of the most informed and ready to go. I am still working on a few North Carolina Council of State races and judicial races, but for the most part I have made up my mind.

So you were talking about Trump when you were complaining about one party pushing their voters to vote early right?

I’ve noticed that Trump supporters have become very nervous lately when the subject of voting comes up.

I believe that those who are voting early already have their minds made up. And to the point that the debates will not make a difference in their vote. And for those on the fence, there is time after the debates to early vote or vote on election day.