TWO MORE SENATORS? Rep. Wants Vote on DC STATEHOOD if Dems Retake Congress

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Washington, D.C.’s lone delegate in the House of Representatives confirmed Friday that she plans to call a vote on making the capital the 51st state of the union should Democrats retake the majority; effectively adding two more liberal senators to the US Congress.

Non-voting Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton made the surprising announcement from the House floor Friday; pledging to transform the District of Columbia into a full-fledged state with two Senators and voting members of Congress.

“If in fact there is Democratic control, I will seek a vote on D.C. statehood,” said Norton. “I got a vote on D.C. statehood when I first came to the Congress. It’s time to have another vote on DC statehood.”

The Congresswoman goes on to say that the district has a larger population than Vermont and Wyoming, and that her constituents have “no representation” in the US Congress.

“The people I represent, 700,000 of them, are No. 1 in taxes paid to support the government of the United States,” she said. "Yet they have no representation whatsoever in that body down the hall, the Senate of the United States.”

h/t Washington Examiner