TWO MORE SENATORS? Rep. Wants Vote on DC STATEHOOD if Dems Retake Congress | Sean Hannity

Washington, D.C.’s lone delegate in the House of Representatives confirmed Friday that she plans to call a vote on making the capital the 51st state of the union should Democrats retake the majority; effectively adding two more liberal senators to the US Congress.

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I bring your attention to a more deserving population not represented in Congress but who suffer tremendously from its policies:


** U.S. DOUBLE TAXATION with imposition on the U.S. 76,000+ page tax code on top of the tax codes of their countries of residence. While they may use tax credits for taxes they pay in other countries, and most live in higher taxing countries (such as England, Canada, and Australia), they often get caught in the mismatch of the tax codes, currency fluctuations, and timing differences such as different tax year ends. This population has been called the highest taxed on the planet.

**UNFATHOMABLE COMPLIANCE with many more forms than required for U.S. residents.

**EXCESSIVE COMPLIANCE COST, requiring very specialized expertise with basic situations costing multiples just to do the U.S. tax compared to U.S. residents with a similar income and assets.

** TAX CHEAT BANKRUPTING/CONFISCATORY PENALTIES such as the higher of $10,000 or 50% of account balance (each year, each account) for not reporting local accounts to the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Many other penalties for “foreign” income, assets and pensions.

*** *** **ZERO U.S. RESIDENT SERVICES in exchange or protection of local property. Thus the claim of double tax jurisdiction is unjustified.

**WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. The American Colonists wanted DIRECT representation to England and that is representatives only focused on their issues. It is true that most U.S. states allow one to vote if one lives overseas, yet these votes get split among the 50 states and effectively diluted to nothingness. VOTE DOES NOT EQUAL REPRESENTATION. The compliance noose against U.S. persons overseas has been building over decades, in spite of many letters, phone calls, news articles, and submissions to Congress. The recent tax reform added nasty and retrospective taxation meant for multinationals but written in a way to snare small businesses overseas with zero connection to the U.S.

New Jersey has a similar population of 9 million. They have 2 Senators and 12 Representatives. That sounds reasonable for U.S. Persons overseas (France has members of Parliament representing French citizens in other parts of the world). More reasonable, would be for the U.S. to adopt Residence Based Taxation like all other nations of the world thus ending the double tax claim.

In regards to Representative Eleanor Norton, she was one of three Democrat Representatives at the April 2017 Congressional Hearing into the unintended consequences of FATCA (impacting US Persons overseas). There was very little sympathy from the Democrat side for the plight of US persons living overseas losing accounts, mortgages, and jobs, and forced to renounce U.S. citizenship as a result of the US regulatory over-reach. The Democrat side supported the generalization of all 9 million U.S. Persons overseas as tax evaders, terrorists, money launderers, drug traffickers, and child/sex traffickers; thus in support of the over-regulation on U.S. Persons living overseas., in spite of other laws and regulations to combat these ills.

Apparently, for Eleanor Norton, who may not vote in Congress but who may impact other Americans with her voice in Congress, the harshness of the over-regulation is justified seemingly along the lines of it is better to harm 10 innocents to get the one guilty (who generally are not dumb enough to leave their money sitting around in accounts waiting to get FATCAed). Sorry, the U.S. justice system I know is that it is better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted.

Eleanor Norton’s performance (video available on YouTube) does not, IMO, add to her credibility in speaking for the unrepresented, quite the contrary.

IMO, the 9 million U.S. Persons overseas are much more deserving than D.C. of representation in Congress, BECAUSE the system has been really broke for them for decades with increasing numbers forced into “citizide” or the forcing of one to renounce U.S. citizenship by U.S. government over-regulation.

The way U.S. laws treats U.S. Persons overseas is all deeply un-American and contra to the Founding Principles of America and the Constitution.

There is rumor that a Territorial Taxation for Individuals bill will be in front of Congress shortly. This is for U.S. persons living overseas who may elect a Territorial Taxation for individuals status. This has similarities to Residence Based Taxation, and is meant to align taxation of individuals resident overseas with multinational corporations and their tax treatment for overseas business.

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