Two More Dead Teens in Chicago

Killed by a racist white cop?


Two teenage boys were shot to death after asking the suspect how tall he was when they were buying candy from a store.

The incident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. on Saturday June 20 after three teenage boys went to a store in South Chicago to buy some candy and ended up having a brief encounter with 19-year-old Laroy Battle inside the establishment.

“The victims were walking into the store, they saw Battle, he was standing in line while at the store and the victims commented that Battle, he was quite tall, and they asked him how tall he was and hoped to be that tall someday,” said Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan “Unfortunately, we will never even see the full growth of these poor children.”

Business as usual in the Windy City.

I read about this too. ■■■■■■■■■ believable. Well just a couple of more black lives that don’t really matter. Wonder if Al Sharpton will be paying those families a vist?

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Why would you say they don’t matter? Deaths need publicity to matter? Since they might not get the air time of other deaths/murders, they don’t matter? Sad way of weighing the importance of lives. I guess each to their own.

So let me ask you this, how did reading about this make you feel as compared to what happened to George Floyd? Second assuming you are going to say it makes you fell awful, then what do you personally plan on doing about it?

thats it…

< smashes out target storefront, steals comforters >

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Awful. A seemingly unnecessary death will always make me feel awful. Personally I will do nothing. People die every day and I feel awful. I can’t make each death a personal crusade and I won’t apologize because I don’t. The idea that someone’s life, or death, doesn’t matter or is less important because of lack of publicity, or protests or objective outcry is heartless in my opinion. Judging the “worth” of a life based on what happens after a person is killed is insane. Again, in my opinion.

BLM has always been about black lives in the context of police brutality. Amazing that you guys still don’t get it

I bet a black person died somewhere other than Chicago too but the OP didn’t create a thread on that. QED I guess all lives don’t matter.

Only the ones from Chicago, which cons still hyperfocus on, I can only assume because that’s where our black President is from.

It’s like saying St Judes doesn’t care about all childhood fatalities because they only focus on cancers.

Some people can’t mentally chew gum and walk at the same time, so they think it’s a huge gotcha moment to find dead black people who aren’t on the news. It’s pathetic disgusting cynical concern trolling at best.


What’s also amazing is that you guys can’t understand why some see it to be hypocritical to not have the same outrage on the well over 90% of other black lives taken unjustly as well in the inner city violence. If this were a comprehensive movement of all black lives lost unjustly I would gladly join.


There’s no way one could feel genuinely awful everyday, to do so would drive a person into incessant depression and potentially suicide. Regarding the worth of a life that is more of a philosophical and theological issue in the grand scheme of things. Then there’s the existential and personal level. In a purely secular sense it’s much more tied to historical or political relevance. Just being factual and the cold hard fact is that death is a part of this world. Feeling awful implies an emotional attachment. Nobody has an emotional attachment to every single person in the world.

Nah thats just an excuse for ya’ll to not recognize racial disparities in policing which is the focus of BLM. It’s like being mad at an AIDS foundation for not giving money to colon cancer patients and then saying they don’t care about colon cancer deaths because of it.

If I hear of someone’s death, I feel neither indifference nor good. I feel bad/awful. It is typically fleeting and brief, but it is there. Not in a way which leads me to depression or suicide. You can feel “awful” that someone has died and not become depressed or suicidal. I feel nothing for the deaths I know nothing about. People could say those feelings aren’t genuine, I’d say people react differently. I hope people have a reaction to deaths that is healthy for them. If the healthy thing for someone is to feel nothing at the death of another out of concern for depression or suicide, that is best for them.

It’s called selective outrage.

Why aren’t you outraged that 19 MILLION black babies have been aborted because of Roe v Wade.

The movement need to call itself OSBLM (Only Some Black Lives Matter)

Based on the years I’ve looked at there were no racial disparities when you factor in the number of interactions/arrests to the number of deaths. I put that thread out there sometime back with little to no debate. On the years I looked it was essentially 1:1 between black and white. Regarding racial disparities you are aware of the racial disparities with regards to violent crime right?

silence is violence… remember?

Then have a different title. Call it “Citizens for Police Reform”. The title BLM gives one the impression it’s about all black lives lost unjustly.

Nah only to those swimming in rightwing propaganda who haven’t even done the basics to research what BLM is about and where it comes from

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Right. Like only ever mentioning Chicago and no other large city, probably because we had a black POTUS from there.